Early musical influences inspire Clinark’s new album

  • <B>Inspired:</B> Reggae artist Clinark will be launching his new album a ?Tribute To Michael Jackson A Legend And A Warrior? tonight.

    Inspired: Reggae artist Clinark will be launching his new album a ?Tribute To Michael Jackson A Legend And A Warrior? tonight.

Reggae artist Clinark is launching his new album ‘Tribute To Michael Jackson A Legend And A Warrior’ tonight.

The joint launch party, which will also feature Shine Hayward’s ‘Saxy Drummer Boys’, will take place at Shine’s House of Music and Entertainment from 6 pm.

Many of the songs on Clinark’s 18 track album reflect his reggae influences as well as R&B. Some are acoustic tracks, such as Michael Jackson’s classic ‘I’ll Be There’, which features Adele Harley, and which was previously released as single just prior to the King of Pop’s death.

“The Jackson Five and Michael Jackson were a major musical influence and inspiration to me as I grew up,” he said. “Later, my influences were the late reggae legend Bob Marley, and UK Reggae band, Aswad, amongst others.”

In May 2009, with the anticipation of seeing Michael Jackson in the ‘This Is It’ concert in London, the artist was singing along to ‘I’ll Be There’.

“My manager, Juliet Edwards, suggested that I record the song,” he said. “It was pre-released in May 2009, unfortunately, Michael died in June. As time went on the recording has been received well by DJs and fans as a tribute to Michael.”

And the artist is still affected by Michael Jackson’s passing. “I watched as the tragedy of Michael’s passing unfolded and I joined fans around the world in the condolences.

“I recorded and released a few versions of the song ‘Smile’ in December 2009. It was one of Michael’s favourite songs. I was still devastated by Michael’s death, but set about putting the optimism into the song and celebrating the great contribution Michael made to this world.”

Clinark was encouraged by fans again and in June 2010 he recorded “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You “and ”You Are Not Alone”. These songs are now available on this tribute album.

Facebook and Twitter fans encouraged the artist to do a complete Michael Jackson tribute album.

“I was encouraged by DJ Musical Genius and many fans to record this ‘Tribute to Michael Jackson A Legend and a Warrior’ album,” he said.

“So I re-assembled my old album crew of great musicians who worked on my debut album ‘Journey to Foreign’ and ‘I’ll Be There’. I hope you appreciate this tribute from my heart.”

He added: “Michael Jackson inspired me, he was the greatest performer to ever live and a great humanitarian. RIP Michael Joseph Jackson.”

At tonight’s launch party Clinark will perform and Shine Hayward will play the saxophone.

The Saxy Drummer Boys’ will be available at Shine’s House of Music, Music Box and Arnolds.

‘Tribute To Michael Jackson A Legend And A Warrior’ is available in mp3 on iTunes, CD Baby.com and www.Clinark.com. Bermuda stockists are Dub City, Soundstage and Music World.

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