Bluewave partners with Mimosa

  • Wireless internet: Bluewave is to utilise Mimosa's technology

Bluewave is to partner with US firm Mimosa Networks to bring its new wireless high-speed internet service to the island.

Mimosa’s fixed wireless technology, claimed to deliver ultra-broadband speeds in hard-to-reach rural areas, is used in 150 countries, according to the company.

In a statement today, Bluewave said its new service could deliver speeds ranging from 10 megabits per second to 100 Mbps to residential customers and up to 1 gigabit per second to commercial customers.

Bluewave is owned by East End Group, which owns a 50 per cent stake in internet service provider, TeleBermuda International, as well as East End Asphalt and Decisions Ltd.

Mimosa’s GigaPoP and MicroPoP architecture are centred around towers and commercial buildings, using connectorised access points to service subscribers across the island.

Bluewave said it was looking for a technology partner that offered scale along with superior speeds and reliability and that aesthetics were also important for residential service.

“Setting up a MicroPoP with the Mimosa wireless solution does not involve the digging, trenching or overhead cables associated with wired access technologies, and the A5 access point and C5 client devices are compact and designed to fit discretely under the roofline of a house,” Nick Faries, Bluewave’s chief executive officer, said.

Bluewave hopes its efforts in Bermuda will serve as a model for other island countries struggling with similar connectivity challenges.

“Bluewave intends to change the internet game by providing fibre-like speeds over the air, and delivering resilient high-speed corporate internet,” Mr Faries said.

John Colvin, senior vice-president of global field operations at Mimosa, said: “We are excited to be partnering with the visionary management team at Bluewave.

“By entering the high-speed broadband sector, Bluewave will bring system reliability and value for money that will benefit Bermudian residents and businesses alike.”