Letters to the Editor

Thankful for EY Bermuda’s community outreach

  • Happy 100th: Jessell Mendes, left, and Johnette Smith of EY Bermuda, and Fred Hassell. Sitting from left are Ruby Sampson, who was celebrating her 100th birthday, and her niece, Moira Bean

Dear Sir,

We salute EY’s managing partners and staff for supporting the Bermuda Senior Islanders’ Centre for ten years.

EY assisted the senior centre during the slumping economy with donations of a minivan, cash, computers and other valuable services.

Our association with EY began with Gil Tucker, a former managing partner, and continued with Jessell Mendes and David Brown, while workplace service co-ordinators Johnette Smith and Shammara Simmons link us with EY community service volunteers.

For a decade, EY staff have visited the senior centre at Admiralty House Park to serve festive Christmas meals to seniors and to lavish them with gifts and coveted raffles. Over this period, they have served more than 800 meals, and provided gifts and door prizes to delighted seniors.

The tenth anniversary luncheon attended by David Burt, the Premier, and the Governor, John Rankin, took place in the Pembroke Community Centre. Mr Burt, accompanied by Cabinet colleagues Kim Wilson, the Minister of Health; Lovitta Foggo, the Minister of Labour, Community Affairs and Sport; and Kathy Lynn Simmons, the Attorney-General and Minister of Legal Affairs, served elders a sumptuous meal.

The Whitney Institute Middle School band, Eugene Joell and Maxwell Maybury kept the gathering hopping with lively music. One of the highlights of the luncheon was the celebration of Ruby Sampson’s 100th birthday. The Governor and the Premier showered Mrs Sampson with accolades, a floral bouquet and a birthday cake.

The board and members of the Bermuda Senior Islanders’ Centre wish to commend EY Bermuda partners and staff for their generosity, shared with seniors without hesitation or recompense.



Bermuda Senior Islanders’ Centre