• Race-baiting has become fashionable

    Race-baiting has become fashionable

    I know in the Criminal Code, it is an offence to racially harass “a person” if it’s intended to cause distress, fear or alarm. I guess “a person” must also mean many people.

    So maybe it’s right to draw the following to the attention of the Police, particularly, and the community generally.

    On Facebook a few days ago, the woman known as Aunt Peggy (Remember her? The one with the...

  • Fahy needs to apologise to Ombudsman

    Fahy needs to apologise to Ombudsman

    July 1, 2015

    Dear Mr Editor,

    I looked up the word “farce” in the dictionary because I was shocked to read in yesterday’s edition of The Royal Gazette that Minister Fahy referred to the Ombudsman’s findings in relation to an immigration complaint as a “farce”.

    The Oxford dictionary definition of the word “farce”, in the context of Minister Fahy’s comments, means “absolutely futile proceedings, pretence, mockery”.

    Minister Fahy’s criticism of the Ombudsman’s...

    • Jul 4, 2015 8:00 am
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  • Time for something new in politics

    Time for something new in politics

    Speaking politically, are we beyond the scope of natural evolution?

    It probably feels as though we are immune to change and that progress is an elusive dream befitting the companionship of only those who forecast world peace, the end of war and a land where the tiger will lie down beside the deer.

    The cracks are in the wall and if no remediation is carried out, the walls will tumble into a state of anarchy.

    I hate to remind everyone that at one time talk...

    • Jul 1, 2015 8:00 am
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  • Blight on our landscape

    Blight on our landscape

    The article in The Royal Gazette last week regarding the state of the Botanical Gardens (Visitors complain about Botanical Gardens, June 25) perhaps also typifies the state of our weed-ridden roads, which surely must be a blight on our landscape for visitors.

    Belco recently carried out a tree removal and pruning exercise to clear the electric lines. This makes sense, however, when one looks at the areas cleaned all one sees is a layer of foliage strewn throughout the...

    • Jul 1, 2015 8:00 am
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  • Kudos to
hospital staff

    Kudos to hospital staff

    Several days ago I underwent a medical procedure in the operating room of the new hospital building. While I couldn’t help notice the building itself, it was the staff that made it memorable. From Kate the admitting nurse to Dr Tony the anaesthetist to the nurse that sent me on my way with tea and biscuits (I was too groggy to catch her name), and all the other nurses and receptionists in between, the level of professionalism, helpfulness and friendliness was uniformly...

    • Jun 30, 2015 8:00 am
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  • Equal rights: Bermuda should follow US

    Equal rights: Bermuda should follow US

    Dear Editor,

    June 26th 2015 marked a momentous occasion for advocates of progress and change, with the Supreme Court of the United States deciding once and for all that people should be allowed to marry whomever they love, regardless of their sex.

    The US has been painfully slow to make progress in this area, which now highlights the fact that Bermuda has been even slower. This change was not made through referendum. It was done by the Supreme Court on behalf of the people, the...

    • Jun 30, 2015 8:00 am
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  • What’s in the best interests of a child?

    What’s in the best interests of a child?

    “What is in the best interest of the child?” This phrase is repeated so often in family court and by lawyers.

    It is surely the guiding principle of all our dealings as parents, so what goes so terribly wrong?

    I write from the perspective of a single father. His mother and I looked after him together in a shared manner for the first five years.

    I write also from the perspective of a parent who considers it an absolute joy to be a single parent with no child...

    • Jun 27, 2015 8:00 am
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  • Why can’t Thomson Airways fly here?

    Why can’t Thomson Airways fly here?

    We see once again another Thomson Airways flight diverting to Bermuda. They fly regular flights overhead on to other Caribbean destinations.

    So, once again, I ask the Government of the day, (as I have done for countless years) why don’t we see flights stopping off here to disembark some of their passengers, them that wish to fly less expensive flights to Bermuda?

    Also, this will permit locals to travel directly to other destinations that are to our south. Why...

    • Jun 27, 2015 8:00 am
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  • Is Belco really promising lower prices?

    In a Belco brochure online entitled “Belco Energetic Expertise”, [Ascendant Group president and CEO Walter] Higgins states: “In Bermuda, people appreciate that the power stays on, but they want the prices to be lower too ... that’s the direction we’re moving.” Really?

    ROGER SNAPE, Pembroke

    • Jun 27, 2015 8:00 am
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  • Our politics are based on skin colour

    It is both futile and ironic for JK Williams (RG June 17) to suggest that Bermudians not vote by the colour of skin.

    Bermuda’s politics are unabashedly based on skin colour, black and white, despite the fact that Sir Edward Richards joined the UBP for the reasons that it is said that he did and despite the fact that, at the same time, the PLP invited Dorothy Thompson, a white English woman, to run in Pembroke, the “blackest” and “safest” PLP...

    • Jun 24, 2015 8:00 am
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  • ‘Heinous act of murder and hate’

    ‘Heinous act of murder and hate’

    It is with deep sadness to hear that brethren attending a prayer meeting in an AME church in the US have been shot to death — nine people including the pastor.

    The circumstances of this heinous act of murder and hate gives rise to deep dismay by all right-thinking people. While the racial connotations of this crime are sickening, it is another example of Christians being persecuted.

    People of Christian faith are being beaten, their...

    • Jun 22, 2015 8:00 am
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