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Friday October 18, 2013

Auto Solutions Showroom Grand Opening

Auto Solutions on St John's Road had its Grand Opening on Wednesday, October 16. Read our supplement and meet the team behind Bermuda's newest car dealership and their vision for the future.

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Every month The Royal Gazette brings you the latest news on the environment in our Green Pages. We'll keep you up-to-date with what's affecting our Island's natural habitat as well as the many ways you can make a difference.

Previous Features
  • Friday October 18, 2013

    Motor Express II

    The Motor Express II highlights the latest cars, bikes, boats and accessory trends in Bermuda. If you are in the market for a bike, car, boat or accessories this is the issue that you want to see.
  • Thursday July 25, 2013

    Cup Match 2013

    When summer comes, Bermudians usually have one thing on their mind - Cup Match. The Royal Gazette's special supplement, Cup Match 2013, brings you everything you need to prepare for Bermuda's most anticipated holiday.
  • Thursday June 6, 2013

    Weathering the Storm 2013

    With the 2013 Hurricane Season expected to be 'fairly active', make sure you are fully prepared by reading The Royal Gazette's special supplement, Weathering the Storm.
  • Friday May 31, 2013

    Summer Fun 2013

    Summer is here finally! In Summer Fun we tell you the pros and cons of gas & coal barbecues, the best places for Happy Hour and why Bermuda is NOT boring!
  • Thursday May 02, 2013

    Mother's Day 2013

    Mother's Day is just around the corner on Sunday, May 12. To see who won The Royal Gazette/Demco Mom in a Million Contest, check out our special supplement.
  • Tuesday Apr 09, 2013

    Motor Express 2013

    Find out about the latest cars and bikes available in Bermuda this year and also advice on how to get the most enjoyment out of your boat this summer. These are just some of the topics explored in Motor Express.
  • Monday Apr 08, 2013

    BAC 50th Anniversary 2013

    Celebrate 50 years of Bermuda Air Conditioning, the team which has been helping keep you cool in the hottest of summers since 1963, with our supplement reviewing its history and role in Bermuda today, as well as giving you tips on how to conserve energy and reduce your electricity bill.
  • Thursday Mar 21, 2013

    Living Well 2013

    Better health means a better life. And that applies to both young and old. In Living Well you can find out where the best gyms are, the right kinds of food to eat as well as ways to curb health costs. It's all in Living Well.
  • Friday Feb 8, 2012

    Cupid's Arrow 2013

    Valentine's Day on February 14 is that day for romance. And In Cupid's Arrow we have some great ideas to make your loved one's day and evening special. Everything from cosy dinners at old world restaurants to delicious wines and of course beautiful flowers.
  • Thursday Dec 6, 2012

    Holiday Celebrations 2012

    Christmas is almost upon us and to help you out with gift suggestions, tips on how to entertain your family and friends as well as ways you can give to those in need, see The Royal Gazette's Holiday Celebrations.
  • Thursday Nov 1, 2012

    World Rugby Classic

    This year the World Rugby Classic celebrates its 25th anniversay. Find out how it started and evolved over the years to the huge event that it is today.
  • Monday Oct 22, 2012

    50+ 2012

    People are living longer and healthier lives. So now 50 is the new 40. Find out how to make the most of your mature years.
  • Friday Oct 05, 2012

    Island Cruisin' October 2012

    If you are buying a new car or bike or even looking for accessories for your vehicle or boat, read October's online supplement of Island Cruisin'. You will also find information about insurance when you travel.
  • Thursday Sept 20, 2012

    My Living Space 2012

    That personal space that nurtures your soul, lets you breathe, frees you of the rigours of congestion and noise; serves up fantasies you can feel, experiences you can touch; bathes you in the light, colour and sound of your choice - It's all in My Living Space 2012.
  • Friday Jun 27, 2012

    Cup Match 2012

    Cup Match 2012 is a family affair. Along with all the fun on the field, the holiday features fashion, food and Crown & Anchor.
  • Friday Jun 1, 2012

    Hurricane 2012

    Get ready for hurricane season with our Hurricane Awareness 2012 guide to preparing for the eventuality of a storm hitting the Island.
  • Thursday Apr 26, 2012

    Summer Fun

    Get out and beat the heat with The Royal Gazette's Summer Fun supplement filled with all the exciting things to do come summertime in Bermuda!
  • Thursday Mar 22, 2012

    Island Cruisin' 2012

    The latest cars and bikes are featured in today's Island Cruisin' supplement. Also have a look at some of the classics featured in the recent Corporation of Hamilton's Car & Bike Show.
  • Thursday Feb 23, 2012

    Living Well

    Take charge of your health and get your body in shape with The Royal Gazette's Live Well supplement.

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KEMH Redevelopment

The King Edward VII Memorial Hospital just marked the first anniversary of its redevelopment. And many milestones have been met for the eventual opening scheduled for 2014.

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