Steede attack seen by Nottingham couple

  • Murder victim: Bermudian Lyrico Steede, 17

    Murder victim: Bermudian Lyrico Steede, 17

A woman walking her dog saw people running and one fall over the night Bermudian teenager Lyrico Steede suffered fatal stab wounds in a park in England.

Natasha Hannon told Nottingham Crown Court yesterday that she and her husband saw three young men run past them.

She said one was a little ahead and the other two were side by side close behind. Ms Hannon said: “They were in the middle of the road.”

She said the man in front fell, but she did not know why.

She added: “I’m not sure he misjudged the height of the railings. He certainly fell forwards.”

Ms Hannon said the other two men followed him over the railing. She added: “One of them, it looked like he’d straddled across him. He went down low. He was punching male one or what I thought was punching.”

Ms Hannon added the third man stood at the side of the two on the ground and two more people ran by and “jumped to the fence because after male [number] two had hit male [number] one, they got up and ran off”.

She said one of the other two men was also “involved in a scuffle with male one”.

Mr Steede, 17, was stabbed to death on February 13 at a park in the Stock Well area of Bulwell, a suburb of Nottingham.

He died in hospital five days later. It is alleged that he was lured to the park by a 16-year-old girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, and two men and two boys attacked Mr Steede and stabbed him.

Ms Hannon told the court a friend sent her a text later to tell her a man had been stabbed in Stock Well after he was chased from a park.

Kasharn Campbell, 19, of no fixed address, and Remmell Campbell-Miller, 18, from Sneinton Boulevard, Nottingham, along with the 16-year-old girl and two 17-year-old boys, who also cannot be named, are charged with Mr Steede’s murder. All five defendants deny the charges.

Ms Hannon told Peter Joyce QC, for the prosecution, that she felt “sick” when she was told there had been a stabbing.

She explained: “The fact that we were there and didn’t do anything. Neither of us had our phones with us. I thought it was a group of youths messing around at first.”

Mr Joyce suggested she had felt sick because she had not done anything. Ms Hannon said: “If I’d known now what I’d known then, I would have done something.”

The court heard earlier that Mr Steede had ran to a nearby house, collapsed on the doorstep and pleaded for help through the locked door. The woman inside said she had been too scared to open the door in case it was a ruse to gain entry, but had called emergency services.

Ms Hannon told the court: “As we got to the bottom, male one, he was going into a garden. The kitchen light was on and I just assumed that was where he lived, so we just carried on walking.”

The trial continues.

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