Thief sent to prison

  • Magistrates’ Court (File photograph)

    Magistrates’ Court (File photograph)

A serial thief was jailed for three months after the court heard he left drug treatment court on the urging of his family.

Senior magistrate Juan Wolffe told the court: “The court was prepared to go all out to help him with his issues.

“We were prepared to spend copious amounts of time and money to help him sort out whatever issues he has.

“It was he and his family, strangely, that decided it was an inconvenience.”

David Fubler, 57, from Devonshire, admitted that he broke into a parked van on October 1 last year and stole about $100 in mixed currency from the glove compartment.

Police identified Fubler as the culprit after they found his fingerprints on the vehicle.

Interviewed by police, he admitted the theft and said he used the money to buy food and alcohol.

The court heard that Fubler had mental health and drug issues, but Mr Wolffe told the court that he had already been given the opportunity to take part in treatment courts.

Mr Wolffe said: “He was part of drug treatment court and mental health court.

“It was explained to him that these sort of impulses could be dealt with, but it was he and his family that decided he shouldn’t take part in the programme.

“Him using that as an excuse right now is rather rich.

“He and his family felt that him coming to court every Tuesday was a bit of an inconvenience because they needed him to do work around their house.”

Mr Wolffe said given his refusal of treatment and his history of offences, it was clear the public needed to be protected from Fubler.

He sentenced Fubler to three months in prison for both causing wilful damage and theft.

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