Inmate says Wolffe confessed to robbery

A witness told Supreme Court that a man confessed to being involved in an attempted robbery and stabbing while he was held at Westgate.

But the witness said Alex Wolffe claimed he did not stab anyone.

The witness, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, added: “He said he tried to stop the person from stabbing him and he got cut. He showed me the cut on his hand from trying to stop the person.”

Mr Wolffe, 20, denies charges of wounding, attempted robbery and two counts of intimidation in connection to an incident in the early hours of October 23 last year.

One witness said he was chased by two men on Harbour Road, while a second suffered 13 stab wounds after he was chased and attacked by two men the same morning.

As his trial continued yesterday, a witness told the court he had spoken to Mr Wolffe while they were both incarcerated at the Westgate Correctional Facility.

The witness said: “He came in bouncy and happy. It was weird to see him come in happy like that. Everyone comes in angry or whatever.

“I got a chance to talk to him to find out what he was in jail for and all that.”

The witness said Mr Wolffe was unsure about what he had been charged with. He said Mr Wolffe initially said he was charged with attempted murder, but the witness told him that he would have been sent to a different section if that was the case.

Later that day, the witness sat down with Mr Wolffe and they began to “shoot the breeze” about what brought them to Westgate.

He said: “He told me he was riding down the road, him and a mate. He was coming down the road riding, they followed someone then turned around and chased someone.

“They must have scared the person to ride faster. He said the mask and the visor must have frightened the person, so they turned around and followed the person from the beginning.”

He added that they ended up in someone’s yard where “the guy” was stabbed.

The witness said: “After the stabbing they wound up on Keith Hall Road. He explained to me he was trying to wipe the blood off.

“He didn’t say what he used or nothing. He just said he cleaned the bike off.

“From there he went up Cedar Hill and they branched off.”

The witness said he was released from prison less than a week after the conversation and that he had not been promised anything for his testimony.

In cross-examination by Susan Mulligan, the lawyer for Mr Wolffe, the witness admitted that he has a long history of offences dating back to 1986, including several offences of dishonesty.

He explained to the court that he used to fake traffic collisions and then demand the victim give him money on the spot.

He told the court: “I would pick a victim, I would fake an accident and then I get paid for it. That was the trick.”

The witness agreed that he told Mr Wolffe if he had followed the victim from Southampton then he would have been recorded on CCTV and he should turn on his accomplice before they turned on him.

He also admitted that he had lied to Mr Wolffe and said he had helped people get off.

The witness accepted he made both comments in an effort to get Mr Wolffe to talk, and he intended to share the information he received with the police.

The witness said: “The trick was to get him to tell the story. I couldn’t get him out of jail.”

He said he might have heard about the stabbing before he met Mr Wolffe, but he had not read anything about it because he would usually not see the newspaper for several days.

The witness added: “I was trying to get the story from him. I would rather hear it from the horse’s mouth.”

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