Air passenger fined $6,500 for abusing crew

A man who hurled abuse at cabin crew and forced his flight to make an emergency landing in Bermuda was fined $6,500 yesterday.

Magistrates’ Court heard that Edward Mongan, 42, was aboard a TUI Airways flight from England to Mexico last Sunday when he was heard to swear at his wife by cabin crew.

Cabin manager Anne Marie Evans confronted Mongan about his language, but he he told her: “F*** off. Get out of my sight.”

Senior magistrate Juan Wolffe was told Mongan walked to the back of the plane and confronted Barry Murray, another member of the cabin crew.

Loxley Ricketts, for the Crown, said that Mongan started to shout at Mr Murray when he tried to calm him down and swore at him several times.

Mongan’s wife also tried to convince him to return to his seat, but he spat in her face.

Ms Evans warned Mongan that his behaviour was unacceptable, but he pushed her away and shouted at her.

The plane’s captain decided that Mongan was a threat to passenger safety and diverted the flight to Bermuda.

Police officers arrested him on arrival.

Mongan, from Manchester, Britain, pleaded guilty to the use of abusive words, threatening behaviour and interference with the duties of a flight attendant.

He said: “What I did was uncalled for and I’ll never do it again.” He added: “My wife is in Mexico. I just want to see my wife and kids.”

Senior magistrate Juan Wolffe told Mongan that his behaviour terrorised the passengers and crew of the plane.

He said: “One can only imagine what was going through the passengers’ minds while this was happening.”

Mr Wolffe ordered Mongan to pay the fine by the end of the day.

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