Guest workers fined for impaired driving

Two guest workers set to leave the island in less than two weeks were ordered to pay $1,000 fines for alcohol-related offences.

Graham Lee, 28, and Ben Jewell, 29, were arrested within minutes of one another at the same gas station for separate offences.

Both told the court they were due to leave Bermuda in 11 days, and both were staying at the same Paget address while on the island.

Magistrates’ Court heard yesterday that at 1.25am on Thursday, police received a report of a man riding an auxiliary cycle on Front Street who seemed to be impaired.

A short while later, officers found Lee sat on an auxiliary cycle in a car parking space at the Esso City on Richmond Road.

Lee stumbled when he attempted to get off the vehicle, almost dropping the cycle, and admitted to police that he had been drinking.

He later provided a breath sample, which revealed he had 206 milligrams of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood — more than double the legal limit of 80 milligrams.

At 1.40am, police received another report of someone who appeared to be impaired riding an auxiliary cycle on Front Street.

Police found Jewell at the same gas station and saw him step off an auxiliary cycle, take off his helmet and take the keys out of the vehicle.

Officers spoke to the defendant and smelt alcohol on his breath.

Jewell agreed to provide a breath sample, which revealed a lower reading of 145 milligrams of blood in 100 millilitres of alcohol.

In Magistrates’ Court, Lee admitted having care and control of a vehicle while impaired by alcohol, while Jewell admitted driving while impaired by alcohol.

Lee asked senior magistrate Juan Wolffe if he could be allowed to keep his licence.

He told the court: “I’ve got 11 days left on the island. I understand that I’m going to get a fine and possibly a ban, and I was wondering if you could waive the ban for 11 days so I could go and do some work.”

Mr Wolffe responded: “That’s going to be a problem for you. It’s a mandatory disqualification.”

He fined both men $1,000 and disqualified them from driving all vehicles for 18 months.

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