Doberman attacked woman and dog

A dog-owner whose Doberman Pinscher attacked a woman and her dog was fined $1,000 yesterday.

Michael Tessitore, 55, pleaded guilty to being in charge of the Doberman Pinscher, named Hennessey, who caused injury to Snjezana Tremblay and her Pomeranian dog, Coco.

Magistrates’ Court heard that Ms Tremblay was walking her dog along First Avenue in Pembroke when Hennessey started to bark at her from Tessitore’s front yard.

He then charged at Ms Tremblay and bit her on her arms and hand as she attempted to run.

Coco attempted to defend her owner but was also attacked by the dog.

Tessitore intervened and corralled Hennessey before calling an ambulance for the woman and her dog.

Ms Tremblay was taken to the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital where she was treated for her wounds.

Coco was taken to an animal hospital and received extensive surgery.

The incident took place on January 4.

Richard Horsemen, for the defence, said that the attack was an isolated incident that started after Hennessey became frightened beforehand.

He added that the dog was usually kept in a fenced yard but had escaped through the front entrance when Tessitore took out his trash.

Tessitore apologised to the court and extended his regrets to Ms Tremblay.

He said: “It was an unfortunate accident. I wish it hadn’t happened.”

Senior magistrate Juan Wolffe ordered Tessitore to pay his fine by November 1.

He also ordered him to pay $5,030.13 in restitution towards Ms Tremblay through $500 payments every month starting December 2.

It is The Royal Gazette’s policy not to allow comments on stories regarding court cases. As we are legally liable for any libellous or defamatory comments made on our website, this move is for our protection as well as that of our readers.

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