Robber hits worker at Four Star Pizza

  • Four Star Pizza robbery: Redentor Sadol, friend and colleage of victim John Mark Cantil, helped stop the attack (Photograph by Akil Simmons)

    Four Star Pizza robbery: Redentor Sadol, friend and colleage of victim John Mark Cantil, helped stop the attack (Photograph by Akil Simmons)

  • Four Star Pizza robbery victim, John Mark Cantil (Photograph by Akil Simmons)

    Four Star Pizza robbery victim, John Mark Cantil (Photograph by Akil Simmons)

Two pizza shop managers relived the terror of an attack yesterday by a robber who came at them with a piece of wood.

John Mark Cantil was battered with the wood and had his wallet containing $170 stolen in the early hours of yesterday morning as he and a colleague left work.

Co-worker Redentor Sadol said he feared for his life during the assault outside Four Star Pizza in Sandys and Mr Cantil, 43, suffered injuries that meant he will be off work until at least tomorrow. Mr Cantil said: 的知 frightened already because of what happened.

的t may be that, if I知 closing, I値l feel scared, or every time I go outside that door maybe I値l feel scared. Maybe it will happen again because that place is very dark; there is no neighbourhood.

典here is a house at the front, but at the back there is no one. It happened at the back, in the parking lot.

He added: 的芭 scared because it痴 the first time that happened to me.

滴e hit me and I致e been traumatised. There were two of us, but he still robbed us.

The robber struck about 1.15am as the two were about to leave work. The attack came hours after a 25-year-old woman tourist was assaulted on Monday at Somerset Bridge by a man who tried to rob her.

She managed to escape without serious injury.

A man had a bracelet stolen in a robbery in the area of Frog Lane, Devonshire, just after 1pm yesterday.

The robberies were the latest in a string of thefts and attempted thefts on the island, which have included attempted chain and bag snatches.

Commissioner of Police Stephen Corbishley, appealed for help with the 田oncerning crime trend.

He added: 的 am also confident that we are going to identify them, and bring them to justice.

Mr Sadol, 41, said he and his colleague, who both hold management jobs at the food outlet on Somerset Road, left the shop about 1.10am and headed for their bikes, which were parked some distance from each other.

He added: 典hen, suddenly, a guy came and approached my friend. He had a big piece of wood, I think it was about 5ft.

滴e started to ask my friend for something, 層hatever you致e got, give it to me like money, jewellery or a mobile phone, and they池e trying to fight each other.

溺y friend got hit many times with the wood on his body, on his arm, on the back of his lower head. It was lucky he had his helmet on.

Mr Sadol said the assault continued while his colleague lay on the ground and the victim痴 shorts were ripped as his attacker stole his wallet, containing the cash and a driver痴 licence.

The crook, who was said to be black and wearing a black shirt and green shorts, also tried to steal Mr Cantil痴 phone.

Mr Sadol said he tried to hit the attacker with a bottle of water in a bid to scare him off.

He added: 典hen he came at me; he was chasing me around the building.

的 grabbed my friend痴 phone and while I知 being chased by that guy I dialled 911, so while I知 running, I知 talking to police officers.

He added: 的 was really scared because I was running for my life; he was chasing me and I don稚 know what he痴 got there, it might be that he痴 got a deadly weapon; he痴 still carrying the wood.

The two men shouted for help in a bid to get the attention of anyone in the sole house nearby.

It was only when a passing motorist stopped that the robber fled and headed west along Somerset Road towards St James Church, Scott痴 Hill Road and West Side Road.

Mr Sadol said the police arrived in less than five minutes, but by then the robber had gone.

He added: 的 gave a description to the police officers. I think they know who this guy is.

Mr Sadol said that, although he was unhurt, the incident had left him shaken.

He said: 的知 OK, but it痴 still scary. I don稚 feel safe now when driving because I am working in Somerset and I live in Hamilton, so now I知 afraid of driving alone.

的t痴 never happened to me before. I don稚 feel secure now.

Mr Cantil was treated for his injuries at the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital.

Although his injuries were not serious, he was signed off work and was recovering at home yesterday with painkillers.

Police found his wallet, emptied of money, close to where the attack happened. Police have appealed for witnesses.

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