Shooting victim cleared of murder in 2011

  • Murder victim: Ronniko Burchall (File photograph)

    Murder victim: Ronniko Burchall (File photograph)

A man shot dead at a sports club had faced trial for murder and attempted murder.

Ronniko Burchall was shot at point-blank range outside a Christmas party at St Davidís County Cricket Club in the early hours of Saturday and died of his injuries yesterday afternoon in the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital.

Mr Burchall, the goalkeeper for Boulevard Community Club, was one of three men charged with attempted murder in the Supreme Court in 2013.

The men, who denied the charge, were accused of shooting another man in his buttocks outside a house on Mission Lane in Pembroke in February of the previous year. Puisne Judge Stephen Hellman ordered the jury to find them not guilty of attempted murder, and the men were tried on a lesser charge of causing grievous bodily harm and using a firearm.

A jury cleared all three, along with another man charged with handling a firearm.

Mr Burchall faced a murder charge in 2011 alongside his half-brother, Leroy Symons.

It was alleged that they were responsible for the shooting murder of Shane Minors, who was 30, outside his home in South Terrace, Pembroke, in the early hours of December 17, 2009.

Both men pleaded not guilty to the charge but blamed each other for the killing during the trial.

The murder was said in court to have been carried out by Pembrokeís Parkside gang as part of a feud with the 42 gang, also from Pembroke.

Prosecutors suggested the victimís younger brother, Shaki Minors, alleged in court to be a 42 member, was the intended target, as Mr Minors had no gang links.

The court heard that Shaki Minors and his girlfriend were the victims of a murder attempt in St Davidís the month before his brother was killed.

He and his teacher girlfriend, Renee Kuchler, were shot outside the Southside Cinema, which is now closed, but survived the attack.

Mr Burchall was claimed in court to be associated with the Parkside and Middletown gangs.

He was alleged to have been the gunman and it was further alleged that Mr Symons had aided and abetted him by giving him directions to the scene and showing him how to use the gun.

A jury cleared both men of the charges by a unanimous verdict.

Mr Burchall was shot at about 1.40am outside the St Davidís clubhouse.

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