Pleased to see Reddy vindicated

  • Mahesh Reddy, medical director of Bermuda Healthcare Services

    Mahesh Reddy, medical director of Bermuda Healthcare Services

Dear Sir,

We are very happy with the decision by the Court of Appeal to uphold former Chief Justice Ian Kawaley’s ruling that the arrest of Mahesh Reddy, our medical director, was unlawful.

Dr Reddy has been vindicated once again. The only reason Dr Reddy has been subjected to the harassment and intimidation of the Bermuda Police Service is that they are on a flawed mission to get me. They have spent almost $10 million and nine years trying to find a crime.

This appeal was another unnecessary manoeuvre by the Bermuda Police Service, resulting in a colossal waste of the taxpayer’s money. This, when many Bermudians were already in need and more so now — at a time when the Government has to borrow $150 million to fight off the effects of the coronavirus tragedy.

Nonetheless, we shall continue to fight for justice in my country.



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