Family Centre gives backing to Premier’s call for calm

A leading family support charity has repeated the Premier’s calls for calm in the community following the death of a teenager.

Shijuan Mungal, 16, passed away last week and Kiahna Edwards, 31, from Paget, was charged with his murder on Friday.

Family Centre executive director Martha Dismont said the organisation had spoken to a number of family members connected to the tragedy and that “emotions are quite high”.

“The Premier’s call for calm is essential,” she said. “When this type of senseless tragedy occurs, there will be anger, deep sadness and frustration. However, some form of healing is now needed, and more tragedy is not a healing agent.

“It is with dismay and sadness that Family Centre expresses its sincere condolences to the family of Shijuan Mungal. Our heart goes out to all of his family and friends.”

Mrs Dismont said social services would be supporting those involved in the “tragic event”.

“We live in a small society and somehow we must also find a way to forgive,” she added.

“Let’s come together in support of the families who need our support at this time and pray deeply for the wisdom for preventing these type of tragedies from ever occurring again.”

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