Judge throws book at gunman with 25-year sentence

  • Jahmico Trott: 25 years’ imprisonment for murder attempt on Mother’s Day 2017

    Jahmico Trott: 25 years’ imprisonment for murder attempt on Mother’s Day 2017

A gunman who tried to shoot a man dead on Mother’s Day was jailed for 25 years yesterday.

Jahmico Trott, 30, was sentenced to 15 years for attempted murder and ten years for the use of a firearm after he was convicted at an earlier trial.

Puisne Judge Carlisle Greaves told Trott he had tried “to make this day a sad day” for the victim before he had a chance to put flowers on his mother’s grave.

Mr Justice Greaves said: “It was on Mother’s Day last year, on one of the most loving days in the calendar year — you have roses, lunches, dinners, gifts — a day of thanks.

“In the Court Street area, according to the evidence, you the defendant sought to make this day a sad day for somebody’s son.

“Unfortunately, the mother of the son was already dead. He had not yet gotten to put flowers on her grave, as he said.

Mr Justice Greaves added: “Unfortunately, the karma reversed and today a mother is sad — your own mother because it was on her day that you committed an act that will now put you in jail.”

The court heard during the trial that Trott opened fire on his victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, on Court Street, Hamilton, in broad daylight on May 14 last year.

The victim fled an apartment above Bulldogs bar with his cousin after he heard knocking at his door, looked over his balcony and saw Trott with a red bandana over his lower face.

CCTV footage captured Trott as he left the apartment, raised his arm and shot towards his intended victim.

The victim tried to escape on a motorcycle, but when it failed to start a struggle ensued.

Trott fired several shots before the victim escaped and ran towards Hamilton Police Station.

Defence lawyer Charles Richardson argued for a shorter sentence because the attack was over a personal matter and not motivated by gang affiliation.

He added that the victim suffered only a graze to his face.

But Karen King-Dean, Crown prosecutor, said Trott had intended to cause greater harm because he had aimed the weapon at the man’s head.

She added that Trott had shot at his victim in broad daylight as members of the public walked the street, which was an aggravating factor.

Trott, before sentence was passed, made a bizarre statement from the dock and quoted 1995 Hollywood crime thriller The Usual Suspects.

He said that the “greatest magician” will make his audience a part of the show and make them forget that the show is even going on.

Trott added: “People, please open up your eyes, don’t wait until it happens to you or someone that you love to say that you want the change.

“I was wrongfully convicted of a crime I did not commit, nor did I have anything to do with it and my life is about to be taken away from me.

“Let my story be a lesson to all and remember, don’t be fooled by the illusion because the greatest trick that the devil ever pulled off was proving to the world that he did not exist.”

But Mr Justice Greaves told Trott: “The sins of anger, spite, vengeance and hate have ravaged men and families for centuries, yet we will not learn.

“Those, Mr Trott, are the true magicians. Perhaps in your next writing, that is what you may write about. And you would learn the rudiments and benefits of love and forgiveness.”

Trott was also given two further sentences of 12 years for handling a firearm and for carrying a firearm to commit an indictable offence. Mr Justice Greaves ordered that they run concurrent with the 25-year jail term.

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