Bartender screamed as he was stabbed

A bartender screamed for his wife to call the police as he was stabbed 13 times in an attempted robbery outside his home, Supreme Court heard yesterday.

Borislav Angelov said he was attacked by two men after they chased him along Harbour Road.

He said he was stabbed several times from behind as he fought with one of the attackers on his patio.

Mr Angelov told the court: “I just started to feel hot, very hot in my body. I felt some heat come all over my body in seconds.

“The blood started coming out on to my shoes and everywhere. I got a chair and started to put the chair to the head of the guy.

“I started screaming to my wife to call the police, call 911.”

Mr Angelov said his wife turned on the patio lights and the men retreated.

He added that the man in the red scarf pointed something that looked like a handgun at him and warned: “If you move I will shoot you.”

The men got on their bike and fled. Mr Angelov said after the men left he took off his shoes and they were filled with blood.

He tried to take off his jacket and helmet, but was unable to remain on his feet.

Mr Angelov said: “I lost a lot of blood. I asked my wife to throw me some towels because I could feel the blood just pumping out from all of the stabbing which I had.

“Just before I laid down, I screamed to her — she was on the 911 call — I shouted the number of the bike. I told her ten times to make sure they knew it.”

Alex Wolffe, 20, denies charges of wounding, attempted robbery and two counts of intimidation in connection to the incident.

Mr Angelov said the incident started as he rode his motorbike home from work in Dockyard in the early hours of October 23.

He and another co-worker had ridden next to each other until Burnt House Hill, when Mr Angelov turned on to Harbour Road.

Mr Angelov said he noticed two motorcycles travelling in the opposite direction when he was near the Belmont ferry stop.

One of the motorcycles had two people on board, but Mr Angelov said the passenger did not have a helmet and had a red scarf wrapped around his head which left only his eyes visible.

Mr Angelov said he continued riding east when the motorcycle pulled alongside him and the passenger tried to snatch his necklace.

He said: “The guy in the front of the bike, he tried to push me to fall down with my bike.

“I didn’t fall. They started screaming at me to stop. I just sped up.”

Mr Angelov said the two bikes raced along Harbour Road at high speed until they neared Mr Angelov’s home.

He told the jury that he planned to slow down, let the other motorcycle overtake him and pull into his yard.

But he said the other motorcycle pulled in front of him, braked and the two bikes collided.

Mr Angelov added: “That’s the moment I saw the licence plate number of the bike.”

He said he pulled into his yard and got off his bike, but the men parked their bike on the street, followed him and attacked him.

Mr Angelov said during the struggle the man with a helmet got on to Mr Angelov’s bike.

He said: “My bike was still on. The key was in the engine, so I pushed him off my bike.

“The guy with the red scarf, he started to attack me in my back. He started to beat me, so I left the guy with the helmet and started to fight the guy with the scarf.”

He said the fight moved to his patio and, as he scuffled with one of the men, the man with the helmet came from behind and stabbed him.

Mr Angelov, who spent ten days in hospital as a result of the attack, showed the jury scars on his lower back and both sides.

He said: “I need to thank the doctors who did pretty much the impossible to bring me back to life.

“I pretty much lost all my blood. Still until today I have no feeling in the back of my body. There was nerve damage.”

The trial continues.

It is The Royal Gazette’s policy not to allow comments on stories regarding criminal court cases. This is to prevent any statements being published that may jeopardise the outcome of that case.

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