Scott demands end to Brown inquiries

  • Michael Scott, of the Progressive Labour Party (File photograph)

    Michael Scott, of the Progressive Labour Party (File photograph)

Eight years of investigations into Ewart Brown have left the former premier unable to clear his name, MPs heard on Friday.

Michael Scott, a Progressive Labour Party backbencher, castigated the police investigation into Dr Brown, who has never been charged with any offence.

Mr Scott also criticised the former administration’s lawsuit against the Lahey Hospital in the United States, in which Dr Brown was accused of ordering unnecessary medical testing through his clinics in Bermuda.

Mr Scott told the House of Assembly during the motion to adjourn: “My speech this evening is for this to stop, and this investigation to come to an end.”

Dr Brown has consistently denied wrongdoing and branded the investigations as politically motivated. Mr Scott called them “allegations against a citizen of this country of a crime” and said Dr Brown’s opportunity to clear his name had been lost.

“Some other agenda is taking place here,” Mr Scott said, adding: “It falls straight into the context of how things used to be done in this country.”

He likened the investigation to the persecution of the activist pastor Reverend Charles Vinton Monk, who was prosecuted for libel after exposing the abuse of West Indian workers at Dockyard more than a century ago.

Mr Scott said the late MP Julian Hall had been similarly maligned, adding: “When they showed strong leadership, they were worn down; they were attacked. I call for these Monk, Hall and now Brown kinds of attack to stop.”

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