Breaking News: Police name shooting victim; three more men shot this morning

Three men are recovering in hospital after a drive-by shooting this morning in Court Street.

Police say the victims’ injuries are “not life-threatening”. Two were at work and a third was visiting a local store when they were caught in the gunfire.

Detectives this evening also confirmed the death of 27-year-old Kenwandee Robinson following a drive-by shooting in the St. Monica’s Road area of Pembroke. A second man who was shot is also recovering in hospital.

Three men are recovering in hospital after a drive-by shooting this morning in Court Street.

Police say the victims’ injuries are “not life-threatening”. Two were at work and a third was visiting a local store when they were caught in the gunfire.

Detectives this evening also confirmed the death of 27-year-old Kenwandee Robinson following a drive-by shooting in the St. Monica’s Road area of Pembroke. A second man who was shot is also recovering in hospital.

Superintendent James Howard told a press conference this evening: “The Bermuda Police Service can confirm the death of 27-year-old Kenwandee Robinson of Pembroke who died as a result of a gunshot wound to the body, which was sustained as a result of a drive-by shooting on St. Monica’s Road on Friday afternoon.

“The Bermuda Police Service would like to extend our sincere condolences to the family of the deceased. The second victim in that shooting, a man in his twenties, remains in KEMH receiving treatment for non-life threatening injuries.

“The first incident occurred about 2.45 p.m. on Friday afternoon. Two persons on a motorcycle drove past a group of men in the St. Monica’s area and opened fire.”

Detectives are currently interviewing three men in custody in connection with yesterday’s incident.

Supt. Howard said: “Police are satisfied these events are part on an ongoing feud between two neighbouring criminal gangs.”

He also warned the public road checks will be set up this weekend to ensure the Bermuda Day holiday celebrations go smoothly.

“As a result of the incidents that have taken place in the last 24 hours, the safety of our community is the Bermuda Police Service’s first priority, and additional officers including Armed Response vehicles are now on duty.

“In an effort to curtail the violence and provide increased security for the Bermuda Day Holiday weekend events, Police will be employing a number of road checks throughout the Island.

“We are advising the public if they are going out for the evening to leave a few minutes earlier to allow for any delays this may cause.

“We appreciate the cooperation of the public in this matter and their continuing assistance as we work to bring those responsible for these unlawful acts to justice.”

The drive-by shooting at the corner of Court Street and Elliot Street this morning was the second in less than 24 hours. Gunfire also took place in Rambling Lane and Curving Avenue, Pembroke, yesterday afternoon, just minutes after the ‘42nd Street’ shootings.

Premier Dr. Ewart Brown appealed for calm and said he will now push to bring in specialist overseas officers to assist Police in a crackdown on youth violence and gun crime in Bermuda.

Eye-witnesses this morning reported seeing a man get out of a blue car and chase a man into the C & R Discount store, firing shots after him. More shots are said to have taken place inside the store.

The man then exited and the vehicle is said to have sped on towards Front Street.

Police sealed off sections of Court Street, Elliot Street and Angle Street this morning while detectives and forensics officers combed the area.

A subdued silence descended upon the normally bustling thoroughfare.

“There was a lot of people on the street. I just heard the explosion of the first gunshot and immediately took cover,” said Raphael Barnett, 52, who runs the fruit and vegetable truck ‘Diamond One Stop’.

“People were running here, running there.”

Allan Outerbridge, 58, said: “It just looked like something you see on the TV. Everybody went for cover. I guess if you want to call that scared, yes, they were scared.”

Detectives would not disclose any details on the incident, except to say three people had been injured. But witnesses described hearing four shots fired.

Bermuda Police Service spokesman Dwayne Caines said: “A few minutes after 9 a.m. three individuals were taken to King Edward Memorial Hospital with gunshot wounds.

“We do not believe their injuries to be life threatening at this point.

“We have a contingent of officers at the scene but cannot comment further, as it is very early in the investigation.”

Sources however, say the violence, the third drive-by shooting this weekend, is gang-related and is thought to be a retaliatory attack following shootings in St. Monica’s Road and Curving Avenue, Pembroke, yesterday.

One man died last night as a result of the shootings in ‘42nd Street’ and another man remains in King Edward VII Memorial, seriously injured.

Police had not released the names of the victims this morning. However, two men were arrested last night.

The violence has cast a shadow on the Island’s 400th Anniversary Bermuda Day celebrations.

This morning Dr. Brown said he was “hurt and ashamed” to hear about the incidents as the Island marks the public holiday.

“This is not the way to celebrate Bermuda Day, especially during our 400th anniversary,” said Dr. Brown.

He said he is to meet Police Commissioner George Jackson this afternoon to discuss the situation. The Premier will then meet with Governor Sir Richard Gozney, accompanied by Deputy Premier Paula Cox and Public Safety Minister David Burch, on Tuesday morning at Government House.

Dr. Brown said: “This is yet another incident where we must add to the calls of the Bermuda Police Service by bringing in some outside assistance to stop this rot in Bermuda. That is the message I will be conveying to the Governor.

“Between now and then I’m asking the community to remain calm and to enjoy Bermuda Day, and those involved and engaged in violence to put down their weapons, and enjoy the holiday as well.

“I am also asking the community to support the Police in their investigations, to find out exactly who and what is at the root of this destructive behaviour.”

The Premier added: “Bermuda deserves better.”

Commenting on the weekend’s events, Acting Governor Mark Capes said: “This marks a grim start to the Bermuda Day holiday weekend.

“I urge all Bermudians to pause; to reflect for a while on this further, dreadful waste of life.

“I am confident that the men and women of the Bermuda Police Service will do all that is necessary to bring to account whoever is responsible for this senseless violence.

“It is our community, the overwhelmingly decent people of Bermuda, that must condemn this violence and support the Police in rooting out the destructive and misguided ones amongst us who have no regard for life, or for this special place that is Bermuda.”

This morning King Edward Memorial VII Hospital was again on lockdown as Bermuda Hospitals Board chiefs sought to protect patients and staff from any retaliation. Visiting hours were restricted to the public and Police and security staff manned entrances.

A BHB spokeswoman said: “There is currently restricted access to the hospital following an incident in Hamilton. This has been put in place as a precautionary measure to ensure the safety of our patients and staff.

“We are working closely with the Bermuda Police Service.”

Meanwhile, the Corporation of Hamilton this afternoon announced that “in light of the horrific and unprecedented violence in Bermuda”, and in conjunction with the organiser, it has cancelled the Places to Places 5 kilometer walk. This event was organised by Dr. Gina Tucker and was scheduled to start at 6pm tonight at Place’s Place and end in the same location.

Additionally, the Gina Spence Farmer concert that was also scheduled for Court Street has been moved to the Heritage Worship Centre on Dundonald Street.

Corporation of Hamilton Secretary, Ed Benevides said: “We are all stunned and horrified by these recent events in Bermuda. In the interest of public safety, and after speaking with the organisers of both events, we feel that cancelling the walk and moving the concert are the best courses of action.”

Police are appealing for witnesses to the three incidents. They want to hear from:

Anyone who was in or around the area of St. Monica’s Road between 2 p.m.-3 p.m. yesterday;

Anyone who saw two men on a motorcycle between 2.30p.m.-2.40 p.m. in the area and witnessed the firing of shots or other suspicious activity;

Anyone in or around the Court Street area between 8 a.m.-9 a.m. today;

Anyone who saw two or three men travelling in a dark car between 8.45 a.m.-9 a.m. in the area and witnessed any suspicious activity.

Anyone with any other information regarding the shootings is urged to contact the Serious Crime Unit on 299 8115 or 295 0011. The confidential Crime Stoppers hotline is: 1 800 623 8477.

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