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How to make a healthier cassava pie for Christmas

More than 20 years ago, dietician Janet Burull modified the traditional Bermuda cassava pie recipe. She said her main concern was for diabetics who have to keep their starch and sugar intake within their restricted boundaries every day.“There's no day off for a diabetic,” she said. Mrs Burull said those with high cholesterol may be able to splurge on what they eat from time to time. “They can decide that they are going to work off what they've eaten through extra exercise the next day,” she said. “The diabetics don't get a holiday if their sugar levels get out of control over holiday, it can take several weeks to get back on track.”She said her healthier choice recipe is “tried and true” and she uses it herself. The recipe replaces the high fat ingredients like, butter and lard, with margarine. But not just any margarine, it must be non-hydrogenated. This means it has no trans fats.The other important switch is that she uses the eggbeaters product instead of fresh eggs in the shell.According to Mrs Burull this also reduces the amount of cholesterol in the pie and gives it a lighter consistency than the traditional version.But she believes the real strength in this recipe is its size. It is for a small pie and calls for only 3lbs of cassava.“A big part of the problem has been that people make 20 and 30lbs of cassava for just six people. This is too much and then they are trying hard to finish it, so they are eating too much of it,” she said.“There have been people that have followed my recipe, liked it and eaten it all in a few days then make another one,” she said. But she feels strongly that this defeats the whole purpose of the pie being small.“I tell people to make it the week of Christmas,” she said.The recipe instructs bakers to cut their finished product into 20 pieces. This means each piece is about five ounces. For diabetics a single piece is equivalent to two carbohydrates and one meat for everyone else, the portion is healthy and should serve as the starch of the meal.