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Tonight is the Curry and Quiz night

A couple of things happening at this time … The Non-Life Masters Pairs had its first session on Monday and concludes next week, so full results in next weeks column. Also, tonight sees the Curry and Quiz night at the Bridge Club and I’ll report the results when I get them, together with a report on whether there was enough curry for all who attended … I love this week’s hand which turned up in a Norwegian League match … declarer was Jorn Arild Ringseth and when dummy came down he could not have been happy! But he kept his head and played for a lie of the cards that would allow him to make the pretty dreadful slam. Board 1. Love All. Dealer North. J106432 K Q107 K94 A87 AQJ1042 K642 None WEST NORTH EAST SOUTH 2D Pass 2NT Pass 3C Pass 3D Pass 3H Pass 6S! The bidding needs a lot of explanation! 2D was the Multi, showing either a strong hand or a weak 2 in a major 2NT was asking for a description 3D said it was a weak 2 in a major with Maximum points (the weak two is 6-10) 3D asked which major! 3H said it was spades 6S was expecting a better trump suit! The contract is only dreadful because, in my opinion, to open that North hand as a weak two bid (effectively) opposite an unpassed partner is an abomination! Yes it has a six-card suit and 6-9 points but for me this is still a ‘constructive’ bid opposite an unpassed partner (if partner has passed, the rules are off !) and most of the 6-9 points should be in the 6 card suit. Anyway, Jorn Arild was faced with this contract on the lead of a low club ... doesn’t look pretty! He played low and ruffed East’s jack and then played the Ace of hearts and continued hearts pitching a diamond on the second heart. West ruffed the third one but Jorn overruffed in dummy, played a spade to the Ace and continued hearts. The full hand: J106432 K Q107 K94 95 KQ 85 9763 AJ95 83 106532 AQJ87 A87 AQJ1042 K642 None Poor East could not ruff in until all dummys diamonds had disappeared and the defenders ‘ only trick was the spade king! Yet another example of a declarer simply not giving up and having both the determination and the expertise to see what lie of the cards will work for him, and playing for that. really well done!