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May set to be a busy bridge month

The second session of the Non Life Master Pairs will have concluded on Thursday so final results in next week’s column - at the halfway stage Michael Tait and Peter Donnellan lead with a 63.14 percent game followed by Annelies Scheland and Heather Woolf on 59.62 percent, Scott and Sally Godet on 58.01 percent and Lorna Anderson - Charles Pearman on 56.09 percent, so it is all to play for. Watch this space ! May will be a busy bridge month, with several events on the calendar and here is the schedule recently announced by the Club :

Mixed Pairs - May 1 and 3. Sign up sheet on the board - deadline for entries is April 29.

STaC week - May 6 - May 10. In addition to the regularly scheduled games, there will also be an open game on Wednesday evening, May 8. Plan to play as often as you can. Not just bonus points, but silver points to be won during this week.

Mentor/mentee evening - Friday evening, May 17. Regular Monday/Friday nighters are encouraged to invite someone who normally plays on a Tuesday or Thursday evening.

Bermuda Sectional - May 31 to June 3. Finally, the WCBF trials take place in Panama. We wish our team the best of luck! I really loved this hand from Frank Stewart whose column appears in the International Herald Tribune, which I pick up once in a while on my travels . I don’t have the column with me but here is the hand!

N/S Vulnerable …dealer South ª K854 © AQ102 ¨ A54 § 94 ª A10 ª 92 © 85 © J9743 ¨ 1096 ¨ J872 § AKJ1065 § 87 ª QJ763 © K6 ¨ KQ3 § Q32 South opened a Spade, West overcalled two Clubs and North brought proceedings to a close by bidding four Spades. The contract was a good one but became very tricky when West started with Ace - King and a third club after East had played - high low to show two . Declarer in the Closed Room was a good , if not expert, player and he ruffed with the spade king to avoid the over-ruff, East discarding a low heart . Declarer now played a low spade to the jack and Ace . West now .....switched to a heart !! Declarer won and claimed the remaining tricks for plus 620 !! Notice the correct defence ....when West wins the trump Ace he should play a fourth round of clubs !! East ruffs with the spade nine forcing the queen from declarer and making the spade 10 in West’s hand the setting trick !! In the Open Room declarer was a world-renowned player who saw that if spades were 2-2 a fourth round of clubs would sink the hand ....so he played for the only distribution that help ...West having a singleton Ace of spades !! So at trick four declarer led a spade from dummy and when East played the 6 declarer played the 7 !! This lost to the ten ....down one !!! This was what declarer was playing for : ª K854 © AQ102 ¨ A54 § 94 ª A ª 1092 © 853 © J974 ¨ 1096 ¨ J872 § AKJ1065 § 87 ª QJ763 © K6 ¨ KQ3 § Q32 Unfair isn’t it ? The declarer who played the hand ‘correctly’ went down and the declarer in the Open Room with much less skill and technique was allowed to make the hand ....life is just cruel at times !! Especially at the Bridge table !!