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ACBL tournament should get players out during a slow summer

This coming Friday sees the ACBL International Fund Game at the Bridge Club, and that might get a few more players out during the slow summer period. Speaking of which, please remember that there will be no Thursday night games over the summer, and these will resume on September 5. This is my last column till September as Alan Douglas takes over during my summer travels, and I liked the declarer play on this hand. E/W Vulnerable. Dealer East. S A87 H 98765 D Q102 C A7 S J109654 S KQ32 H KQ104 H 2 D None D AJ87543 C J103 6 S None H AJ3 D K96 C KQ98542 In the closed room East West played 4 Spades and declarer managed to take 10 tricks. Iit looks like there are only three losers on the hand but it needed some managing. In the open room South took one more bid. WEST NORTH EAST SOUTH 1D 2C 2S 3C 4S 5C DBL Pass Pass Pass West led the heart king, and when East played the two, declarer already had a good idea of the layout. West was almost certainly void in diamonds, and East looked like he had a singleton heart, so West was either 6-4-0-3 or 7-4-0-2. If it was the latter declarer could win the heart, draw two rounds of trumps ending in dummy, take a heart pitch on the spade ace, and then play a low diamond off the board inserting the nine if East played low. Declarer, however, decided to cater for either distribution. Win the heart, draw three rounds of trumps, and play a low diamond to the queen. East is dead. He has to win, but now a diamond lead would allow declarer to immediately take the finesse by playing low, and winning the 10 in dummy, allowing him to cash the spade Ace. A spade return is no better, as declarer discards a heart, winds the spade, and now finesses the diamond jack. Very well played.

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