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There’s good, and really good

A recap on the upcoming events

On Monday the 25th the Bermud Bridge Club lub will stage the local session of the ACBL-wide Charity Pairs and on the 26th the club has scheduled the Novice Pairs for players with 0-20 master points.

There are already sufficient numbers signed up for the event but I know that the committee is hopeful that this will attract a wider entry so if you qualify and have not signed up, do it now.

To be a top class bridge player requires all the basic skills in bidding, counting, declarer play etc, but what really separates the good ones from the rest is the ability to visualise what is needed to be successful, in the bidding, play and defence – and then being able to execute.

This week’s hand is a perfect illustration of that.

N/S Vul. Dealer North

S ?J105

H 107

D 874

C Q10753

S Q98743 S A

H 8 H?KQJ5432

D J93 D Q102

C AK6 C 104

S K62

H A96

D AK65

?? C 982


Pass 1H DBL

RDBL 2C 4H Pass

Pass Pass

Sitting North was John Wignall and South was Bob Scott. I certainly don’t like the double of 1H opposite a passed partner (I tend to promise four of the other major or a very good hand if I double one of a major) but Scott more than made up for it in defence.

Bob led a high diamond and when North played the FOUR took some time to assess the defence. He could see 24 points between him and dummy, and since East had opened the hand partner was unlikely to hold a valuable honour card.

Was there anything he could hold to help beat the hand? Think before you read on.

Bob decided there was a card that partner might hold that could be crucial, the 10 of Hearts. Having decided this he continued with a second and third round of Diamonds - now when declarer played a Heart to the jack he grabbed his Ace and led the 13th Diamond.

John sitting North knew exactly what to do and ruffed with the Heart 10 – a classic uppercut. Declarer now had to overruff with a heart honour and all of a sudden Bob’s nine of Hearts was the setting trick. How beautiful is that.

<p>Recent results</p>

Bermuda Bridge ClubNorth -SouthMonday, November 11Afternoon: 1 Judy Bussell-Trish Colmet; 2 Wendy Gray-Peter Donnellan; 3 Diana Kempe-Aida Bostelmann. Evening: 1 Alan Douglas-Jane Smith; 2 Judy Bussell-Stephanie Kyme; 3 John Burville-Magda Farag.Tuesday, November 121 Betsy Carstairs-Stephen Smith; 2 Louise Payne-Marion Ezedinma.Wednesday, November 131 Russ Craft-Jean Johnson; 2 Judy Bussell-Lyn O’Neill; 3 Wendy Gray-Magda Farag.Thursday, November 141 Misha Novakovic-Ray McDaid; 2 Sally & Scott Godet; 3 Peter & Susan Adhemar.Friday, November 151 Nea Willits-Diana Diel; 2 Elizabeth McKee-Rachael Gosling; 3 Judy Bussell-Jean Johnson.Sunday, November 171 Dee & Russ Craft; 2 Peter Donnellan-Paul ThompsonEast -WestMonday, November 11Afternoon: 1 Russ & Dee Craft; 2 Marg Way-Gill Butterfield; 3 Harry Kast-Michael BickleyTuesday, November 121 Irene Chew-Noula Contibas; 2 Pat Maher-Barb ElkinWednesday, November 131 Danielle & Noella Cloutier; 2 Pat Siddle-Marilynn Simmons; 3 Diana Kempe-Betsy CarstairsFriday, November 151 David Cordon-John Burville; 2 Alan Douglas-Jane Smith; 3 Dee & Russ CraftSunday, November 171 Jean Johnson-Lyn O’Neill; 2 Inger Mesna-John Rayner