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Always break in your socks and sneakers

Once a month Lamont Marshall, winner in the Bermuda section of the Front Street Mile, might soak his feet in Epsom salts. This is the only special care he said he gives to his peds.

He’s been a serious runner for three years is keen to compete and runs about three races a month. Every day he makes sure to run at least ten miles. So how are his feet?

He said he doesn’t suffer with foot pain. He did have knee problems when he was 16 and discovered this was a result of having flat feet.

He said he does believe it is important to protect his feet while running. He does this by avoiding new socks or sneakers without breaking them in first and by changing his sneakers every 500 miles or six months.

Not surprisingly he’s particular about the type of sneaker he uses. “It’s very important. The best thing for me is to have two or three pairs and switch them constantly so they don’t get worn out as fast,” he said.

For his everyday training he uses Asics and Adidas. He uses Nike for racing. “Basically I found this through trial and error,” he said.

Asked what sneaker he would recommend for running he said: “Asics are the best for the average person. Nike and Adidas tend to cater to serious athletes.”