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Customers run in terror after several people shot at busy pub

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Police investigate tonight’s Robin Hood shooting (Photograph by Akil Simmons)

Several people were shot last night after gunfire erupted in a busy bar.

An ambulance prepares to pull away from a shooting scene at the Robin Hood bar in Hamilton (Photograph Raymond Hainey)

Terrified customers scattered after what was said to be at least six shots were fired at the Robin Hood bar and restaurant on Richmond Road at about 6pm.

Police said four people were injured – and Acting Commissioner of Police Darrin Simons refused to say if a police officer was among the wounded.

But it is understood an off-duty officer was hurt in the attack.

Mr Simons said: “We have declared this a critical incident.”

He added: “I cannot say enough just how heinous and despicable this kind of a situation is where you have people opening fire in a public premises – it’s just not at all what we would like to be seeing.

“It’s not who we are as Bermudians and I certainly expect better from the public and we absolutely can do better.”

Mr Simons refused to reveal how many people had been shot or if anyone had died as a result of the attack.

Police and paramedics at the Robin Hood, where several people were shot tonight (Photograph Raymond Hainey)

He said “a number of people” had been taken to the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital for treatment.

Mr Simons added that when police arrived at the scene the suspects had fled.

Recent shooting incidents

August 27: Isaiah Creighton, 22, was wounded in St David’s. Two men have been charged with attempted murder in this case.

August 2: two men aged 73 and 31 were shot on Court Street in a drive-by shooting

July 25: two 19-year-old men were wounded in a drive-by shooting on Court Street

June 16: a 56-year-old man was shot and wounded when he got out of his car on Darrell’s Wharf in Warwick. Police later released an image of two men on a motorcycle described as suspects in the shooting.

April 6: Jordan Outerbridge, 37, was killed on Ord Road, Warwick in a night-time shooting

March 30: A 22-year-old Hamilton man was shot while working on a trenching project in St George’s

December 29, 2020: A 26-year-old man was wounded in a drive-by shooting on Angle Street in Hamilton in which witnesses described bullets flying all around the street

A police spokesman said earlier: “There were multiple victims.”

But the spokesman denied rumours that a policeman was dead.

He said: “There is no truth to claims that a police officer was killed in the incident.”

Mr Simons said the investigation would be led by Assistant Commissioner of Police Antoine Daniels.

Office workers in a nearby building said they heard what sounded like gunfire and went outside.

Police outside the Robin Hood bar, where several people were shot tonight (Photograph by Raymond Hainey)

One added: “It was at least six shots – there were people running all over the place.

“I saw one man with bandages around his hands being loaded into an ambulance.

“There were four ambulances and they all left with their lights and sirens on.”

He added that police cars had stopped at the pub and others raced down nearby Woodbourne Avenue after people who had run from the scene.

The area last night was swamped with police, who blocked off Richmond Road either side of the bar, which was expected to be busy for its weekly quiz.

The officer worker said: “You don’t expect that sort of thing to happen around here.”

One woman who lives nearby was reading at home when she heard gunshots.

She said: "I heard rapid shooting – it sounded like a shooting range.

“Sure enough the police arrived. It’s shocking for sure.

“I have heard reports about people associated with gangs hanging out at Robin Hood so it's not that surprising.

“It is disturbing. I'm from here. I've gotten cold to all the crime on this island."

Renee Ming, the national security minister, appealed for witnesses to come forward.

She added: “This is not who we are, Bermuda, and this is not who we want to become.”

Ms Ming told the public: “If there is any assistance you can give, anything you can give police, please feel free.”

An ambulance outside the Robin Hood after shots were fired inside (Photograph Raymond Hainey)

David Burt, the Premier, added, “As a community, we have been through so much so I truly feel for the victims of this terrible occurrence and their families.

“I echo the sentiments of the Minister of National Security and urge witnesses to cooperate with the police in their investigation.”

Susan Jackson, the MP for Pembroke South West, which covers the area and who lives nearby, also heard a series of gunshots.

The One Bermuda Alliance politician predicted that the public would be “traumatised” by the incident.

She said: “It’s extremely unsettling,

“We are an island, and I believe that it doesn’t matter, wherever an incident occurs, it is traumatising to the whole community.”

Ms Jackson walked to the scene to investigate and see if she could be of any help.

She said that police appeared to have the situation under control, although a small crowd had gathered near the scene.

Michael Dunkley, the shadow minister for national security, added: “Any gun violence rocks our community, but one in a popular public place raises the concern even more. It is simply unacceptable.”

Police tlast night threw a ring of steel around the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital.

A group of about 15 people, including some in tears, were gathered outside the entrance to the hospital.

A spokeswoman for the hospital confirmed the hospital had gone “into lockdown, which is our procedure in response to a gun shooting”.

She added: “Our focus is on ensuring the safety of staff and patients. The police are on-site and we ask that people do not come to the hospital to wait for information or updates.”