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Bermuda's Sybil named as one of world's most influential gay entertainers

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Sybil Barrington, aka Mark Anderson, who features in a new book about the world's most influential gay entertainers.

A book naming Bermuda’s Sybil Barrington as one of the world’s most influential gay entertainers is now available in stores.Mark Anderson not only made the list of the 100 top celebrities, his picture appears on the book cover.US author Jenetta J. Baines learned of Mr Anderson’s stage persona through an article which appeared in The Royal Gazette.The pair were able to make contact with assistance from this newspaper in 2008.As The Royal Gazette reported then, Ms Baines’ request to feature Mr Anderson in ‘100 Most Influential Gay Entertainers’ was immediately accepted.“Bermuda needs everything it can get to promote the Island in a good way, and this is my small way,” Mr Anderson said.He added that he felt “shocked and delighted” to be picked for the montage of 30 faces on the book’s cover.The book is billed as an inside look into the world of gay, lesbian, bisexual and inter-sexual entertainers.Mr Anderson’s picture was taken from his days at New York’s landmark Empire Diner on Tenth Avenue, when he greeted customers at Christmas.“A lot of the author’s interest came from my performance overseas, especially when I won a contest in New York as a Patti LaBelle impersonator about ten years back. I still hold the title for that. I’ve also done a lot of work in the movie industry. I recognised a few other people on the cover of the book from my work at Universal Studios in California and Florida.”Mr Anderson said he was interviewed by the author for the book as well. Detailed is his story of “growing up in Bermuda, my family, and how I went to the States and made a name for myself in the gay community”.He said: “This book should reach people from all walks of life, and some who have never heard of Bermuda. I can’t wait to get a copy and see how it turned out.”The book is available at Amazon.com and from Barnes & Noble booksellers.The book is the author’s first non-fiction work.It was designed “to enhance and foster what matters most: creating a level of understanding and respect between heterosexuals and homosexuals by providing the clear understanding of the true hearts of gay people”, Ms Baines added.

The cover of the new book ?100 of the Most Influential Gay Entertainers? which features Bermuda?s Sybil Barrington, aka Mark Anderson.