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Photojournalist, graphic designer team up to produce –‘Click ... I got Yah!’

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Designer Stephan Johnstone and photographer Ras Mykkal with his new sports photography book Click...I Got Yah. (Photo by Mark Tatem)

What happens when one of the Island’s top sports photographers joins forces with a budding graphic designer?They create a book that’s sure to be at the top of every sports lover’s wishlist this holiday season.‘Click ... I Got Yah!’ by professional photographer Ras Mykkal and graphic designer Stephan Johnstone, will have its official launch at Brown and Co from 11am until 3pm on Saturday.The book is a photo compilation of some of the Island’s greatest athletes from young tennis star Tyler Smith to Olympic swimmer Roy-Allan Burch and sporting moments taken over the past five or six years. The book will be sold exclusively at Brown and Co.Mr Mykkal hopes the book will give people a better understanding of their sporting history and anticipates it will be the “first of many books to come”.He said in some cases the Island wasn’t doing enough to preserve the glory of its former athletes.“I find it sad that Sam (Cat) Nusum, a goalkeeper, played football for the New York Cosmos and he is on Island and no one knows and no one remembers. It’s things like that I want to change.“That was why I included seven interviews with different athletes that have major accomplishments and hopefully there is information in there that people can learn from.“For instance, Lloyd James. He is known as a batsman, but he actually entered Cup Match in 1958/1959 as an opening bowler and a lot of people do not know that.“And when you have a lot of cricketers that play the game today they have no connection to the generations before them.”Mr Mykkal said there was a “big gap in information” between the present and past generations.He hopes to bridge this by capturing these special moments in a book and storing them as history.He said: “A couple of people in here are already deceased, but their grandchildren that are young are [now] able to pick up a book and get some history. I am hoping it’s valued like that.”Mr Mykkal has shot and stored thousands of sports photos throughout his career.He had been “toying with the idea” of compiling some of his best pictures into a book for about two or three years, but realised some technical aspects like design and page layout were beyond him.That’s where Mr Johnstone who recently started graphic design company SJD World came in.The two men, who met through their shared passion for poetry, decided to team up for the project.Mr Johnstone said he was excited about the joint venture because “it’s the only one of its kind”.“It’s something that has never been done with Bermuda sports history that I know of.”He said working on the project made him feel more “proud to be Bermudian”.Mr Mykkal will make a presentation at Brown and Co at 1pm on Saturday and will sign book copies at that time.‘Click ... I Got Yah!’ is available now for $39.95.

Designer Stephan Johnstone and photographer Ras Mykkal with their new sports photography book, ?Click...I Got Yah?. (Photo by Mark Tatem)