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New women’s talk show launched

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Fitting to a ‘T’: The T panel is shown during a recently taped episode, with Kristin White, Patricia Pogson-Nesbit, Teneika Eve, Aziza Ahad Furbert and Marlene Flynn (Photograph submitted)

A new all-women talk show is to air controversial topics, including a hard-hitting discussion on same-sex marriage.

The discussion, already filmed and due to air next month, featured Linda Bogle-Mienzer for same-sex marriage and Maria Seaman, a pastor and opponent. Lamone Woods, executive producer and technical director of The T, said the show was “edgy”.

He added: “You had some people that were Christian-based and some people that were LGBTQ, so you can understand there was a dichotomy of thought.”

Kristin White, one of the panellists, posted on Facebook after the show: “Hearing people say they think the LGBTQ community is ‘unnatural’ and they don’t want them around their children ... I wanted to scream, storm off and kick my chair over.”

Other shows include one on “absent fathers — is this the main problem in the black community?”, which features experts from Family Centre and children’s charity Childwatch.

Mr Woods said: “We also had a father on who’s trying to be a good dad. He had been through some rough situations like jail and all sorts of things, but in the end he has six children and he’s trying to be a good dad because he didn’t really have that himself.”

Another episode will look at the increase in cancer rates. Amir X, executive producer and creative director, said the programme on cancer was an emotional experience for everyone involved. He said: “We also did a makeover with the two female cancer survivors, so they dressed outside of their comfort zone.

“We flew in a celebrity stylist from New York for the ladies, but we used clothing for that particular episode from Orange Bay.”

Mr Woods said the series was a first for the island. He added: “There hasn’t been anything like it here locally that I can think of. I’m 46 years old and I haven’t seen anything like it.”

The series. made by GinoCrimson Studios, will also be used to relaunch the Channel 82 entertainment network.

It will feature a panel of five women, plus experts drafted in to give their opinions on health, society and politics.

Filming for The T took place at the Daylesford Theatre in Hamilton last weekend and Mr X said the six shows attracted a total of more than 500 people.

He added: “The Daylesford welcomed us with open arms, they treated us with love, all the amenities that come with producing this kind of event were there and the audience participation was excellent.”

Mr Woods said the “T” in the show’s title stood for truth.

He added: “We all have conversations with our friends, at family dinners, and at parties about these subjects and we say certain things that we may not say in public.

“What we want to do is really bring the truth out, dispel some of the myths and really get to the answers to some of these questions.”

Audience members gave the show positive reviews.

One man said: “I’ve seen two shows so far and I’ve been extremely impressed, not only the quality but also the content and the way how the hosts interact.”

The executive producers plan to hold an “Upfront Event” this week in a bid to drum up advertisers and sponsors.

Mr X said: “Television is all about advertising; television content is secondary, commercials are first.”

The two said their goal was to become a fixture in Bermuda, but also to attract a cross-Caribbean, and eventually international, viewership. Mr X said: “When it comes to the shorter months of tourism, it’d be great for tourists to come to Bermuda, just as they do Broadway shows to attract tourists to New York, to actually witness things live.”

Mr Woods added that it was important to shine a spotlight on Bermudian entertainment and provide opportunities for young Bermudians interested in broadcasting.

He said: “There’s a lot of people that go away and study and then come back here and there’s just nowhere to go, so we’re trying to create a pathway for that.”

Our view: The T is taped at Daylesford Theatre on Washington Street (Phogotraph submitted)
Our view: The T is taped at Daylesford Theatre on Washington Street (Phogotraph submitted)