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Bermuda Islander Podcast

The Bermuda Islander Fundamental Financial Planning Primer Series (the BIFFPP Series as they will be referred to further) is written for all Bermuda Islanders and their globally mobile families, their Domestic Affairs & their International Connections across the Great Atlantic Pond.

Step 18 – Bermuda islanders crossing borders

A Pondstraddler is a person with one foot on each shore whose heart resides in both countries.

Step 17 – Bermuda Financial Review Checklist

You’ve reached the Lightness of Being – BECOMING MORE in Financial Control of your finances, in our unique Bermuda financial environment.

Step 16 – Bermuda taxation and global compliance

All governments across the globe assess some sort of taxes in order to operate a country, if you will. Some countries do have low tax rates – due to high valuations from native and natural products, such as sheer volumes of oil supplies to the world – that have the effect of reducing the need for taxation from the local populace to almost nil.

Step 15 – The Dimming of the Day – Estate Planning for your family and legacy

Managing the finances of a single individual is a challenge any day of the week. Imagine how complex it can be when a nuclear family or several generations come into play. Some of the stressors that occur within family circles are the very ones that could be avoided by putting simple, easily understood estate planning into place, early.

Step 14 – Managing the risk in life

Everyone faces risks and anxieties at some point in their lives, from job security to relationships, health issues, natural disasters, financial uncertainty and the like. Knowing how these all can occur and man- aging them is important to a having a secure handling of your finances.

Step 13 – Rule Of 72

How are you doing with your personal investments? A very simple calculator to track how your investments are accumulating is The Rule of 72.

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