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Bermuda Islander Podcast

The Bermuda Islander Fundamental Financial Planning Primer Series (the BIFFPP Series as they will be referred to further) is written for all Bermuda Islanders and their globally mobile families, their Domestic Affairs & their International Connections across the Great Atlantic Pond.

Step 13 – Rule Of 72

How are you doing with your personal investments? A very simple calculator to track how your investments are accumulating is The Rule of 72.

Step 13 – Market Recovery

What average returns should you be looking for in long-term appreciation of your pension and your personal investing?

Step 13 – Do It Yourself Investing

Do yourself a favour. Think long-term, always with the exception of the close-to-retirement individuals. Be willing to be a little more investment aggressive when you are younger, then, tapering off as you age, start to accumulate other savings and investments, possibly your first home, and an individual investment account.

Step 12 – pension annuity-drawdown comparison part 2

Monitoring the performance of a balanced pension fund. Discuss Lifestage differences in allocations and rates of return for conservative, balanced and aggressive portfolio relative to your age and years of employment in the workforce;

Step 12 – Pension life stages part1

Comparing your investment drawdown account versus the annuity pension choice. Walk-through a couple of different retirement calculators to project some possible estimated amounts to expect for retirement.

“STEP 11 – Tracking Your Personal Bermuda National Pension

Your Bermuda National Pension Plan (formal name Occupational Pensions Act 1998) is probably going to be your biggest asset, besides your home. Spectacularly, a 25 -year old in the Bermuda private industry workforce today could see values at retirement even higher than the value of his/her home.

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