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Bermuda Islander - Step 6


There are three reasons (rules) to review your finances once a month, or quarter, or more, if

needed, then try to work with a budget:

1.No one, but no one, can manage your money the way you can.

2.If you don’t manage your financial affairs, you haven’t a clue where you’ve been, where you are, or where you are going

3.Setting up a simple budget to keep control of your money. We often think we really don’t need to write anything down, or track our expenses. Heck, we can see everything instantly on our devices.

But, there is one serious problem with simply tracking your income and outflow at any time.

We all know what that is – the stuff we forgot! that has to be paid: the unexpected,

unplanned for annual/semi-annual expenses to license the car, property insurance, land tax,

life insurance, special condo assessment, co-pays for dental braces, medication, an accident,

and so on.

These unplanned for expense items can throw a simple monthly cost plan into disarray.

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