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BIU waiting on news of Tweed work permit

Got your back: BIU president Chris Furbert, right, is going to bat for the Reverend Nicholas Tweed in his attempt to have his work permit extended (Photograph by Akil Simmons)

Bermuda Industrial Union president Chris Furbert has said he is still waiting an update from the Bermuda Government regarding the status of the Reverend Nicholas Tweed’s work permit renewal.

On Labour Day, Mr Furbert accused immigration minister Patricia Gordon-Pamplin of tampering with the work permit file of Mr Tweed, who he described as “someone dear to us”.

Ms Gordon-Pamplin at the time called his allegations “incorrect and misleading” and that she was well within her rights as minister to consider the extension of a work permit. She added that she found it “interesting” that the union leader would “be advocating for a work permit-holder in one breath while asking for government to ensure that Bermudians are considered first and foremost for employment in their own country”.

Asked for an update on the issue, Mr Furbert told this newspaper: “I have been giving government some time to deal with it.

“We [the union] talked about it on Labour Day. I don’t know what the update is on it and I haven’t spoken to him [Mr Tweed] about it in a few days so there is really nothing else I can say on it at this point.”

Ms Gordon-Pamplin said she could not comment on individual applications, clarifying that previously she had only commented on the process.

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