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Entrepreneur launches speaking brand

New brand: Bermudian Gianluca Gibbons being interviewed by author Allison Larsen and actor-producer Marcello Thedford at the ICON Summit in Los Angeles

Entrepreneur and entertainer Gianluca Gibbons has launched a speaking brand called Mr Life Stylist, and has notched up an appearance at a business event in Mexico.

The Bermudian made his debut Spanish speaking engagement at the GKIC Mexico Sales Strategy Seminar in Tijuana, Mexico. He shared tips on digital and “experiential” marketing for the millennial market.

Mr Gibbons was invited to address the event by Jorge Olson, president of GKIC Mexico. The pair met at the ICON Summit business seminar in Los Angeles.

In the past few weeks, Mr Gibbons has received mentoring from motivational speaker Christy Dreiling, and author and public speaker Allison Larsen.

“For some time I felt as though I was living under my potential, but I wasn’t doing enough about it,” he said.

“I know all this is not happening now by chance, for it to come to fruition I had to take a leap of faith, I had to be intentional and I had to take action.

“I know there are a lot of millennials out there who experience the same dilemma, and I am passionate about reaching them.

“I have created a speaking brand Mr Life Stylist, with the mission of mentoring millennials towards unlocking those self motivators that will propel them into the success that fits them best.”

Later this month Mr Gibbons will speak at La Sierra University, in California, where he studied.

Mr Gibbons has a website at https://www.mrlifestylist.com/