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Roadside sobriety testing set to begin

Coming into force: Breath testing to start next weekend

Roadside breath test checkpoints are expected to be set up for the first time next weekend, the Minister of National Security has said.

Wayne Caines added: “I’ve been notified by the relevant authorities that the devices will be here imminently and, after all the necessary public notices are made in accordance with the law, we believe that we can commence roadside sobriety testing next weekend.”

No checkpoints have been set up since the legislation to allow them was approved on July 23 because of a delay in the arrival of handheld breathalysers.

Notification of checkpoints must appear in the Official Gazette at least five days in advance.

The notice, which must be authorised by a senior magistrate, will give the date and the parish where the checkpoints will operate, but not precise locations.

There can also be several checkpoints in a single parish.