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Man fined $1,000 for violently resisting arrest, cursing Police

A 30-year-old St.George’s man admitted to violently resisting arrest and cursing at police after officers were forced to pursue him across Hamilton.Michael Douglas, 30, of Narrow Lane, pleaded guilty to both charges in Magistrates’ Court.Crown counsel Auralee Cassidy told the court that on December 9 at 4.20pm, police were advised that Douglas had been seen walking on Church Street, in Hamilton.There were warrants for his arrest in relation to two outstanding fines.Police noticed Douglas at the food bar of the Church Street MarketPlace supermarket, but he gave his name as Michael Dill when questioned.Douglas moved quickly toward the exit. When told to stop, he began running toward Parliament Street.Other officers came to assist, and Douglas was caught on Union Street. Told he was being arrested, Douglas responded: “Why don’t you leave me alone? It’s only unpaid fines.”He struggled with Pc Donovan Sweet, and the tussle continued into a business, Thermax Bermuda, where items were knocked to the floor.Several officers were required to subdue Thomas. Told by Pc Chiquita Simmons that he was also being charged with violently resisting arrest, Douglas twice answered her: “You f***ing b**ch.”He was taken to Hamilton Police Station, where he made no reply to the charges.Douglas told Senior Magistrate Archibald Warner: “I might as well plead guilty. I denied violently resisting arrest and I didn’t curse, but if I plead not guilty I’m just going to be found guilty anyway.”He was fined $500 for each count.“The reason you were arrested is because of outstanding warrants,” Mr Warner told him.He said Douglas owed $800 for possession of drugs to have been paid by November 20, and $250 for obstructing an officer while exercising his powers under the misuse of drugs act, to have been paid by October 2.Douglas was ordered to pay all his fines at once.