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Conditional discharge given to man who had 3.4 grams of cannabis

A social smoker who admitted possessing 3.4 grams of cannabis was handed a conditional discharge in Magistrates' Court yesterday.Aaron Trott, of Devonshire, told the court he started smoking weed from a young age and felt it wasn't really “that big of an offence”. He said: “It's something I picked up as a sociable thing more or less.”The 25-year-old admitted it had become a habit and said: “Smoking weed is just like smoking cigarettes. It takes time to quit.”Trott admitted to possessing the drugs in an increased penalty zone, namely 100 metres from William Wilson public park in Pembroke on June 18. He told the court he was a hard working person, who had a full-time job from the age of 17, and is currently working two jobs.He admitted he had plans to leave the Island and wanted to try to become a writer. Magistrate Khamisi Tokunbo handed Trott a conditional discharge for 12 months.The Magistrate ordered him to refrain from use of controlled drugs and submit to random drug testing.He said: “It is not going to be easy, but it is in your interest to [help the courts] assist you.”