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Unpaid bar tab earns woman $200 fine

A woman was ordered to pay $200 for a $42 bar tab after she admitted she tried to stiff Fairmont Southampton with the bill.Taurien O’Loughlin pleaded guilty to dishonestly receiving four drinks from the South Shore property, as well as several unrelated traffic matters.The 32-year-old told Magistrates’ Court she stopped at the Jasmine Lounge for a glass of water but a hotel guest persuaded her to stay and have some drinks.She said after “a drink or two”, the guest told her he was going to the bathroom. When he didn’t come back she was left with the $42 tab.“I was asked to pay for the drinks, but I didn’t have any money,” she said.Crown counsel Kirsty-Ann Kiellor said a bartender saw O’Loughlin talking to a guest who paid his own tab before he left. The man never indicated that he was to pay for O’Loughlin’s drinks, she added.The bartender said O’Loughlin attempted to leave the hotel after she was handed her bill but was stopped by hotel staff and the police were contacted.Mr Warner told O’Loughlin: “I have listened to you carefully but I don’t believe you.”He fined her $200 for the offence and ordered her to pay it and $2,220 in outstanding traffic fines within 30 days.