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‘Lifelong thief given suspended sentence for breaking into a car

A 54-year-old Pembroke man caught breaking into a car got a suspended sentence when he appeared in Magistrates’ Court, after being branded “a lifelong thief” by Senior Magistrate Archibald Warner.The court heard from Crown counsel Susan Mulligan that a passer-by on August 30 spotted a man smashing the window of a vehicle parked behind the National Tennis Stadium.Elroy Sinclair Wellington Dill reached into the car, and had opened a door when the motorist drove up and challenged him.Police later found Dill at Blackwatch Pass, where he was identified and then arrested.Dill admitted causing wilful damage but told Mr Warner it had been in retaliation for getting soaked by someone who drove through a puddle. Mr Warner called him “a lifelong thief and drug addict whose speciality has been breaking into cars”.Asking for leniency, Dill told the court he had recently been diagnosed with cancer. Mr Warner gave him three months’ imprisonment, suspended for 24 months.