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Man kicked and shattered glass panel at gas station

A Sandys man who shattered a gas station door after he was refused service, was fined $500.George Mouchette, from Rushdie Lane, pleaded guilty in Magistrates’ Court to causing wilful damage in excess of $60 in the January 24 incident.Crown counsel Geoffrey Faiella said William Boorman was preparing to close Somerset Esso Station, around 8.07pm, when he was approached by Mouchette.The 55-year-old asked Mr Boorman, who was turning off the pumps at the time, for $2 of gas.When Mr Boorman refused, Mouchette started banging his hands against the glass at the cashier’s window.He then walked to the station’s door and kicked it, shattering the glass. He then left the area.Mouchette turned himself in to Somerset Police Station at 8.45pm, and admitted the offence.He told the officers: “I got there before 8 o’clock and the man wouldn’t sell gas to me.”He promised to reimburse the store for the estimated $486 in damages. He had paid back $50 when he appeared in court on Tuesday.Mouchette told Senior Magistrate Archibald Warner that he arrived at the gas station around 7.55pm and asked for $2 of gas but was never served.He admitted he became upset after he was told the pumps were shut off, and that he kicked the door.“I didn’t think I hit it that hard. I apologise for what I’ve done,” he said.“They just don’t make glass like they used to.”Mr Warner told Mouchette he shouldn’t go around breaking things when he doesn’t get his way.He fined Mouchette $500, and ordered him to repay the remaining $436 owed in damages in the next 30 days or face 30 days in prison.