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Bike thief given ‘last chance’

A Hamilton Parish teenager who stole a motorcycle while wearing an electronic monitoring device was this morning sentenced to two years of probation.

Jarico Burt, 19, pleaded guilty in November to a charge of taking a white Yamaha motorcycle belonging to Nigel Williams without consent.

The court had heard that his electronic monitoring device put him at the scene of the theft.

Appearing in Magistrates’ Court this morning for sentencing, Burt said he had made a mistake and pleaded for another chance.

“I know I have done wrong,” he said. “I apologise. If you give me a chance I would be grateful.”

Magistrate Khamisi Tokunbo noted that the conviction was not Burt’s first, saying: “This is what you do. You take bikes. You have done that before. You get a bracelet on your ankle and you commit another offence with an ankle bracelet on? What sense does that make?

“You had your freedom and you didn’t use it, didn’t protect it.”

Mr Tokunbo revoked Burt’s previous probation order and issued a new one to last two years, ordering that Burt abide by a 9pm curfew and continue to wear the ankle bracelet.

The Magistrate then warned Burt that he would be sent to prison if he committed another offence or breaches probation, adding: “This is your last chance.”