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Hamilton Parish man banned from roads

A Hamilton Parish man has been banned from the roads for a year for refusing a breathalyser test.

Appearing in Magistrates’ Court yesterday, Nelson Outerbridge, 35, pleaded guilty to the offence, which took place in Hamilton Parish on July 10.

The Crown accepted his plea and offered no evidence on the alternative charge of having care and control of a car while his ability to do so was impaired.

The court heard that a member of the public saw Outerbridge swerving on the street and that police officers stopped him as he put the keys in the ignition of his car.

He was arrested and taken to Hamilton Police Station, where he refused to provide a sample of breath.

In court, Outerbridge apologised for his actions and was handed a $1,000 fine by Magistrate Khamisi Tokunbo.

Mr Tokunbo also disqualified Outerbridge from driving all vehicles for 12 months.

Also in court, a Paget teenager was fined $650 for driving without due care and attention and not having a driver’s licence.

Tavore Richardson, 17, pleaded guilty to the offences, which took place on Bishop Spencer Road in Pembroke on June 15.

The court heard that Richardson was seen driving with an Ice Queen bag in hand, swerving into the opposite lane and colliding with the front of a car.

Mr Tokunbo fined Richardson $500 and gave him ten demerit points for driving without due care and attention.

He handed Richardson another $150 fine and seven demerit points for not having a licence.