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Man convicted of violently resisting arrest

A Pembroke man was this morning convicted of violently resisting arrest in Dockyard.

The court heard that on August 5, police on duty at Dockyard received a report of a man harassing a female tourist on Dockyard’s North Arm.

When officers arrived on the scene, they saw Cameron Ramsey, 27, sitting on a young female’s rental bike, talking to her and touching her arm.

Pc Monique Stevens testified that she approached Ramsey and began to tell him that they had received complaints about his behaviour towards females in the area.

“He didn’t seem to want to hear anything that we had to say and he became uncompliant, swearing at us,” she said.

Ramsel allegedly shouted: “I’m not going any f***ing where. I’m not going to the Hamilton station. I’m not going to go to the f***ing police station.”

Pc Stevens said she warned him about his use of profanity, but he continued to curse at the officers. As a result, she told him that she was going to arrest him for disturbing the peace.

When she went to handcuff Ramsey, she said he became aggressive, swinging his arms violently. Eventually other officers assisted her in detaining him.

Ramsey himself declined the opportunity to take the stand, but denied having touched the female tourist.

After hearing the evidence, magistrate Archibald Warner convicted Ramsey of the offence. The magistrate also noted a “slew” of previous convictions against the defendant including antisocial behaviour, trespassing, breaking and entering, offensive words and causing unnecessary suffering to a kitten.

The court also heard that Ramsey had in the past appeared before the pilot Mental Health Court, but was no longer interested in taking part.

Mr Warner ordered that a social inquiry report be carried out on Ramsey, remanding him into custody until the report is complete.