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Traffic offenders fined and disqualified

A 22-year-old Warwick man who admitted a string of traffic offences has been banned from the roads for two years.

Appearing in Magistrates’ Court this morning, Marcus Wilson pleaded guilty to driving while disqualified, driving without due care and attention and failing to stop for police.

The court heard that police officers were on patrol on Ord Road, Warwick, when they saw a black motorcycle fail to stop at the stop sign by Billy Goat Hill on February 11 last year.

They pursued the vehicle and the rider increased speed, swerving in the road before turning around and heading east.

Wilson came off his bike as he tried to enter Middle Road from Spice Hill Road and ran towards Warwick Academy. He was apprehended and arrested.

The court heard that Wilson was disqualified from driving at the time of the offence.

Magistrate Khamisi Tokunbo fined Wilson $150 for failing to stop, $800 for driving without due care and attention and $1,000 for driving while disqualified.

Wilson was also banned from driving all vehicles for two years.

Also in court, 46-year-old Earl Lewis was fined $1,200 and disqualified from driving for 18-months after he pleaded guilty to driving while impaired.

The court heard that the Pembroke resident was involved in a single-vehicle collision on North Shore Road in Devonshire on September 14.

Police officers found the car in the trees by the waterside. Lewis had left the scene and was found walking west on North Shore Road.

He was taken back to the scene and admitted to being the driver of the vehicle.

The officers noted that Lewis appeared to be intoxicated and when questioned if he had been drinking, he said he’d had three or four Elephant beers.

Lewis told the officers that he swerved because there were black cats crossing the road.

In court today, defence lawyer Vaughan Caines said Lewis had been on his way to assist his cousin with a punctured tyre.

He asked the magistrate to consider allowing Lewis to keep his truck licence because he drives for a living.

Mr Tokunbo, however, pointed out that the offence attracts a mandatory disqualification.

He handed Lewis a $1,200 fine and banned him from driving all vehicles for 18 months.

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