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Man admits stealing cash from tip jar

A Devonshire man admitted stealing alcohol and cash from the tip jar at Beluga Bar.

Tracyston Mallory, 29, pleaded guilty to a charge of theft related to an incident on September 18.

The court heard that shortly after 1am that day, the manager of the Washington Mall restaurant closed up, leaving a tip jar containing around $30 in cash on the counter. When he returned at around 9am to open, he noticed that the jar was empty. He then checked where he had stored the restaurant’s liquors and discovered that bottles of tequila, vodka, rum and whisky worth a total of more than $130 had been removed.

He contacted the management of the mall, who in turn provided video footage from the night of the robbery, which showed the crime taking place.

The videos were turned over to police, and Mallory was arrested. He admitted carrying out the robbery to police, but refused to give a formal police interview, saying: “I’m not well. I want to go to [the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute].”

Addressing the court, Mallory said: “I just apologise for stuff and I need to stop drinking.”

Mallory was also charged with possessing a screwdriver for use in a burglary and prowling around a dwelling house in Smiths on October 3, 2015, but he claimed that he had already served time for those offences and did not enter a plea.

Magistrate Khamisi Tokunbo remanded Mallory into custody, ordering that reports be carried out in connection to all of the offences.

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