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Drunk driver gave false name, court hears

A Warwick man has admitted giving police a false name after being caught drunk-driving in Hamilton.

Magistrates’ Court heard that, on February 4 at 1.20am, officers spotted Odell Grant, 30, at the 24-hour Esso gas station on Richmond Road.

They spoke to the defendant as he appeared inebriated and was behaving belligerently to staff members of Buzz takeout restaurant.

Shortly after, they discovered that Grant had driven away from the gas station, heading down Par-la-Ville Road.

The officers pulled his vehicle over next to BAA Field and spoke to the defendant, who claimed to have had only one drink despite his slurred speech and glazed eyes.

Grant, who insisted his name was Jerome McNee, was then taken to Hamilton Police Station, where he repeatedly refused to reveal his real identity.

Magistrate Khamisi Tokunbo fined Grant $1,200 for driving while impaired, $500 for giving false information and $1,000 for driving while disqualified.

Grant, whose one-year road ban for driving without due care and attention was due to end on February 16, was also handed another 18-month disqualification.

“Who is Jerome McNee?” Magistrate Tokunbo asked Grant.

“It was just a name that came to my head,” Grant said.