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Driver banned after ignoring police order

A 22-year-old Devonshire man has been banned from the road for a year after failing to stop his vehicle for a police officer before swerving into the opposite side of the road.

Police arrested John Seymour on April 29 when he ignored an order to stop while driving on South Road and sped off in an eastward direction. He was seen swerving into the west bound lane, causing a bus to brake quickly as well as several other vehicles.

Seymour abandoned his vehicle but after being caught, police suspected he was impaired as his eyes were glazed and his breath smelled of alcohol. He was arrested and taken to Hamilton Police Station. When asked to take a breathalyser test, Seymour made no reply and ignored subsequent requests.

Appearing in Magistrates’ Court, Seymour was banned from driving all vehicles for 12 months and fined $800 for refusing a breath test, fined $150 and given five disqualification points for failing to stop for a police officer, and fined $150 and seven points for diving with no licence.

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