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Devonshire man fined $800 for wheelie

A Devonshire man was surprised to be fined $800 for doing a “wheelie”, while a stolen chocolate bar cost a senior $100, when they appeared in Magistrates’ Court today.

Sergio Robinson, 25, pleaded guilty to a charge of driving without due care and attention in the Deep Dale area on March 24.

According to prosecutor Nicole Smith, officers stopped Robinson after noticing that his helmet was not fastened. He then drove away, without fastening his helmet, and performed a wheelie in front of the officers, causing another vehicle to alter course.

Ticketed for the offence, Robinson reportedly told officers: “My cable bill is $500. This bill is nothing for me.”

However, when he was fined $800 by Magistrate Khamisi Tokunbo, he responded: “All that for a wheelie?”

Also appearing in court was Andre Hill, 61, from Pembroke, who admitted stealing a $1.75 chocolate bar from the Rubis station on St John’s Road.

The court heard that staff saw him pick up the candy and place it in his pocket before walking out without paying. The station’s manager confronted him outside, but Hill denied having the chocolate. The manager later checked the CCTV cameras, which caught the incident, and reported it to police.

After Hill pleaded guilty, Mr Tokunbo said fined the defendant $100 for the offence, causing Hill to reply: “That’s one expensive chocolate bar.”

When he added that the chocolate had been a Lion bar, Mr Tokunbo quipped: “You just got bit.”

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