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Man admits Gorham’s theft spree

A Pembroke man has admitted stealing seven items in seven days from Gorham’s hardware store to fund his drug habit.

Norman Bell, 55, shoplifted tents and barbecue sets worth more than $2,700 combined during the spree at the St John’s Road store between June 30 and July 6.

The defendant, who is unemployed and has previous theft convictions, also pleaded guilty to stealing a tent worth $290 from Masters hardware store in Hamilton on July 1.

This morning, Magistrates’ Court heard that the director of Gorham’s had discovered that goods were missing from the store on July 5.

Staff then checked CCTV footage, and saw multiple instances of Bell carrying items out of the store and placing them in his white van without paying.

Employees at Masters also reviewed incriminating CCTV footage, and the defendant from Orchard Grove was arrested on July 12.

Bell asked senior magistrate Juan Wolffe if he could be assessed for drug treatment court for the third time, telling him: “My addiction has got worse.”

He also admitted to last using drugs on Monday, when he took cocaine, heroin and ecstasy.

Mr Wolffe chastised Bell for quitting his previous drug court programme prematurely, despite being urged otherwise.

“We told you this was going to happen and you didn’t listen,” he said.

Mr Wolffe remanded the defendant in custody until July 19 and ordered a Social Inquiry Report and a BARC report to assess his suitability for further treatment in the meantime.