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Reveller throws bottle at police car

A Warwick man has admitted throwing a glass bottle at a police car at a post-Beachfest party.

Sean Evans, 27, was among a large crowd of revellers gathered in the Horseshoe Beach parking lot on Thursday evening.

At 9.30pm, officers monitoring the group saw the defendant throw an empty glass bottle of alcoholic drink WKD towards a police vehicle which had its headlights on.

After the bottle narrowly missed both the car and an officer stood next to it, Evans then threw a plastic water bottle which hit a nearby parked car.

After being apprehended, the Middle Road resident said he had been “irritated by the headlights”. In Magistrates’ Court, the defendant, who has previous convictions, offered an explanation along with his guilty plea. Evans claimed that he did not throw the glass bottle at the police car, but instead chucked it in the grass as he was walking to a friend’s car.

“I littered, but I didn’t think it was serious,” he said.

Magistrate Khamisi Tokunbo ordered the defendant to pay a $300 fine by this Friday or face 30 days in prison. In a separate matter, Evans asked for more time to pay existing fines accumulated from other offences.

He said that he had been unemployed since November, and was struggling to find the money to clear his slate.

“You’ve got the money, but you’re putting it on other things,” said Mr Tokunbo, warning the defendant to pay his outstanding fines in full by September 9.

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