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Defendant had ‘psychotic’ episode

A man who stabbed a friend has been ordered to receive further treatment at the Mid-Atlantic Wellness centre.

Shirwin Smith, 28, stabbed Pernell Outerbridge in the area of his left ear with a four-inch pocket knife in Hamilton Parish on March 29, 2015.

Supreme Court heard that Smith committed the offence during an “acute psychotic incident”, leading the court to determine that a sentence under the Mental Health Act would be appropriate.

While defence lawyer Auralee Cassidy said a Section 33 Order would be appropriate, leaving it to the Mid-Atlantic Wellness institute to determine when he can be released, prosecutor Takiyah Burgess noted that Puisne Judge Carlisle Greaves had expressed some concerns that Smith might refuse to take medication. The other option being considered was a Section 38 Order, which would restrict the hospital’s ability to discharge the defendant.

Psychiatrist Anna Williams told the court that Smith was not able to attribute his actions to being in an acutely psychotic state or the link that recreational drugs may have had on his mental state.

However, since he was released from Westgate Correctional Facility, he had been abiding by court orders to take medication and had passed drug tests.

While she said that if Smith stop taking his medication and relapsed into drug use, another incident could occur. She added that given his youth and lack of previous convictions, a Section 33 Order would be appropriate.

Puisne Judge Charles-Etta Simmons subsequently put in place a Section 33 hospital order.

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